Sirius Black sat at his desk reviewing several sheaves of parchment for the Wizengamot session that was coming up. But his mind was elsewhere; he was worried about Hermione Granger and his son.  Cepheus had sent a letter to him to say Harry had been ignoring him for the last few days. Reports from inside the school and the latest Witch Weekly indicated that Hermione had split up with Harry. A chime bought him out of his musings, a face appeared in the fireplace.


Both Professors stared at Harry like he was some sort of demon. Madam Umbridge was staring unblinkingly at the teen though he could see the hatred of him in her eyes. Draco was not sure what to do, but he had his wands out anyway. One trained on Umbridge, the other on the Professors should they attack Harry.

Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Seven-Epilogue

25th December 2031 “Mac, are you ready to go? The car is ready,” Sarah called into my office. I saved the document I was working on and closed the laptop down. I grabbed my bookbag with several important documents in it and my coat before I met Sarah out in the main hall. In the last few months, she had taken to being my Personal Assistant when not working with the Science geeks.


Harry floated in a sea of darkness, occasional flashes of light and conversations drifted past him as he tried to remember where he was, but nothing seemed to be working. The Boy Who Lived did not know how long he was in the dark place before it seemed to grow lighter as the pain began to emanate from his thigh. He cried out loud.

Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Five

DRIP. DRIP. DRIP. The smell was absolutely terrible, we were in the sewers of London, and I was almost gagging with the awful smell. I looked back at my ‘crew’; Tobi, looking younger than I had ever seen him before; Noah, appearing to be silent yet determined and Finn Harris, his head nearly touching the roof of the circular sewer.

Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Four

Three days after the fight, I was sat in my office going over a bit of paperwork when there was a knock at my door. “Come in,” I shouted, looking to see who entered. The door opened to reveal Noah was poking his head through the door. He entered almost timidly with a folder in his hand. “You available?” He asked, reverting back to how he used to be when we first came into the Mountain. “Actually, yes, come on in,” I told him, stretching my limbs. I made my way over to the comfortable sofas and offered him a seat, “So you lost the bet?”


Thursday had been dismal all day, though more some than others as the ‘dark’ Slytherins were glaring at Draco. The blond had received a message from his father as the Daily Prophet had proclaimed the dissolution of his marriage and losing his Heir.