Rise of the Dark Prince Chapter Four: The Longbottom Riddle

“C’mon, Neil, classes have finished for today,” a dark-skinned man urged the brunette sitting at the table pouring over his notes, “we’re all going out to have a few drinks at The Leaky.” “It is all right, I am trying to work on my project, I still have some more to do tonight,” Healer-in-Training Neil Abbot replied to his friend. “You go on ahead, Dion. If I get finished here, I will join you.”

Rise of the Dark Prince Chapter Two: New Friends and Familiar faces

Harry Black, thought to be born to Lily Evans and James Potter, contemplated the last year as he laid in bed. It had been a year to the day that Harry’s life had changed forever on the tenth of July Nineteen-ninety-five. For the first eleven years of Harry’s life, he had lived with his aunt and uncle believing his parents had died in a car crash. Only to discover he was a wizard, and his parents had been killed by an evil wizard called Lord Voldemort. He had attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry for four years until at the end of year in fourth year, Voldemort had been resurrected though the wizarding government and paper had determined him a liar.

Rise of the Dark Prince Chaper One: Arise, My Child

A sense of anticipation filled the room as the group of Death Eaters waited for their esteemed Lord. Only recently the group had suffered some heavy losses, two of Lord Voldemort’s lieutenants had been killed by the Boy who lived Harry Black, formerly known as Potter. Several Death Eaters had faces that were shadowed, these were people that infiltrated all walks of Magical life.

Wednesday’s Imagination: The Orphan

In a world where magic is forbidden, a young orphan discovers he has the ability to control the elements. he must keep his powers hidden or risk being executed by the ruling authorities. However, when a group of rebels seeks him out and offers to teach his how to harness his abilities, he must decide whether to risk everything to join their cause and fight against the oppressive government, or to keep his powers hidden and stay safe. Along the way, he will face challenges, make allies, and discover the true extent of his magical powers.

Harry Black and the Rise of the Dark Prince

After the events of last year, Harry Black enters his sixth year more confident with a new family surrounding him. But there is traitor in the castle and a dark prince helpind Lord Voldemort rise again. Harry must find the strength to finish what Voldemort started sixteen years ago.

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