“HARRY!” Hermione screamed, but the dark-haired boy could do nothing but watch as the emerald-green spell raced towards him. Time seemed to slow as Harry thought about the years he could have spent with Hermione. He suddenly had a vision of himself in the gardens of Hárasteorra Hall with Hermione reading a book next to a small pond as he chased two children around. One was a boy with dark hair and looked like a younger version of Cepheus; the other was a girl with wild brown hair and warm brown eyes.

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“Are you ready to go?” Sirius asked, stepping into the room. All the teens and one pre-teen were seated in the room ready to go to this festival that Sirius had told them about. But, of course, Draco and Neville knew all about it, and Hermione had read up everything there was to know in the Black Library.

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Time seemed to pass quickly, and before Harry knew it, the Easter holidays were upon them. Harry was excited for this holiday, in his five-year career at Hogwarts, except for summer, he had never gone away for the holidays. He chatted to his friends as they walked down to the station; Hermione and Draco were coming home with him while Neville returned to his ancestral home for the first week and then joined them for the second week.

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January ended with a drizzle as the rain washed the month away. Professor Proudfoot was a great Defence Against the Dark Art’s teacher. Everybody loved him; his lessons usually complimented the Defence Club, which was allowed to run as Proudfoot taught it with a guest every week. Though Harry was still banned from Quidditch this year (Professor Flitwick said he would reinstate him next year), he was still just as busy. He had etiquette classes with Narcissa every Saturday, then with Hermione taught the younger years about the Wizarding world.

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Department of Magical Law Enforcement Director. He looked between the woman and the Arrest Warrant on his desk. Then gave Kingsley Shacklebolt a betrayed look. The Heads of the Houses all appeared to be stunned.

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Sunday Short: New Divide

Black skies hid the three suns as the craft prepared to take off; lightning flashed as the ignition flared. The air around the craft shimmered as the engines heated up as I felt the cuffs pinching my wrists. Time seemed to blur as I stared at the ship UEN Hougoumont, part of the Penal Transportation. I finally realised that my destiny had caught up with me; I had chosen my path, which was my punishment for rebellion.

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Sunday Short:The Ferry

Power Vibrated Beneath my Feet as the anticipation grew, water foamed as the engines roared into life. I looked around first to the couple with the blond-haired child staring across the harbour and then to the older black-and-grey peppered hair man with his wife examining a map perhaps to find their next location. Feeling the […]

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Hermione woke up slowly, becoming aware that she was in a comfortable bed. The teen did an inventory of her body, her stomach and ribs hurt like she had been throwing up, but she could not remember. Then Hermione realised she was in a nightdress with only her underwear on underneath. Someone had stripped her and put new clothes on. She opened her eyes to sunlight coming through the window. Hermione found herself in a luxurious green bedroom; one whole side was taken up with books while a desk and wardrobe were situated on another wall. She noticed two doors; one must be a bathroom. Looking out the window, she saw the sun showed her it was probably mid-afternoon. A small pop drew her attention to the side of the bed. An elf of indeterminate sex held a tray with a bowl of soup.

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