Profile: Alexander Walker

Alexander Walker

Junior Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Junior Ambassador Program, this is a British-based initiative that helps people around the world and with our junior volunteers we have changed the lives of many across the globe. Here at the Junior Ambassador Program there is no sexuality, gender, religion or race, we are all one people. Thank you for volunteering, please tell us more about you to help us place you better in the correct volunteer program.

Dated: 16th July 2030

Name: Alexander William Walker
Nickname: Alex or Lexi by my little bother

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 9th July 2015
Age: 15
Birthplace: Penrith, England
Nationality: British
Social Class: Middle Class

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Sexuality: Gay
Marital Status: Single (Unfortunately)



Parents and Sibling’s name: My Dad’s name is William, kinda boring if you ask me and my Mums name is Annie. I have one brother called Mathew, Matt or Matty depending on what mood I am in.

Family Background: We’ve lived in the same town all my life, Dad used to work for the military until he become some sort of consultant. He met Mum at some military base in Norfolk.

Children & Ages: Way too young to have kids

Pets: I do own a dog, a chocolate lab puppy called fable or Fab for short.

Physical Appearance

Height: Apparently I’m 5 foot 5 Inches

Weight: Almost 9 stone
Hair Colour: Brown, Kinda shaggy
Eye Colour: Boring blue eyes
Tattoos or Piercings: None, not a fan of either really

What do they sound like: I think I sound normal but they say I sound posh
Typical Outfit: Usually my favourite Oakley hoodie, some jeans and a batter pair of Nike trainers
Any Other Info: erm not really, I’m pretty boring

What would you find in the pocket/handbag: My iPhone XX and wallet.



Where do they live? (City, Countryside): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Living Arrangements (House, Shared, and Rented): House, Rented

Do they share it with anyone? I live with my parents and younger brother
what is their home like?  4 bedrooms detached, kinda
how do they get around? Cycle or walk


Personal Information
Hobbies or Pastimes: Cycling, Air Training Corp and gaming
Favourite Films: Avatar, Jurassic World, Aliens
Favourite Books: Ender’s Game
Favourite Album: Have not really got one
Favourite TV Programme: Stargate SG-1
Favourite Sport and Team: I’m not a big fan of sports
Favourite Food: Chinese
Favourite Drink: Coca Cola
Favourite Colour: Emerald Green

Perfect Weekend: Sitting at home playing my Game Station
Ideal Holiday Destination: Florida

Best Point: well I tend to be focused like when it comes to games and assignments at school

Worst Point: I’ve been told I can be bossy, and cold. I think the word was aloof, like I’m better than everyone else. Oh and my mum reckons I’m impatient.

Mannerisms: yeah, mum says I jiggle my leg up and down, something to do with my impatience.

Morals: well I believe in honesty, and being loyal especially to family.

Fears: Spiders! When I was eight, my cousin put on Arachnophobia and scared the poop out of me then thought it would be funny to slip a fake spider into my bed.

What is the thing that worries them most? Being a failure, letting my parents down

What do they look forward to? Summer holidays, not a fan of school.

Temperament: I’m fairly easy going I think

Have they lost anything important to them? Granny Jane, I loved her and going over every time we were in the area. She would always have something for me and my brother until she died last year.

What do they hate most? Bullies, because I’m different they instantly pick on me when I move to a new school.

What is most important to them? My computer

What are their obsessions? Computer games, my Game station

Do they have an ambition? I want to be a Game Designer

What do they dream about? Being rich, I want to make loads selling a game idea

What are their secrets? Well I recently came out to my parents, does that count?

Do they believe in religion or life after death?  Nah, I’m an atheist and don’t believe in god

Do they get on with other people or avoid them? I generally try to avoid people because I’m not the most sociable person

Who do they love? Well I have got a crush on this guy at school but pretty sure he’s straight

Has their heart ever been broken? No, still too young

Do they have a best friend or someone they can confide in? My best friend is a girl called Mac

Did they have a happy childhood? My mum reckons I’m still a child, so yeah I’m pretty happy

What were they like in their childhood? Quiet and shy, my mum says.

When were they happiest? I’m happiest being with Mac.



Schools attended:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Current year: Year Ten

How well are they doing: I reckon I’m doing all right in school

Favourite Subject: ICT

Most Hated Subject: Science Cuz I stink at it




Explorer Scout:           14-Present

Scout:                          13-14 Patrol leaders

12-14 Assistant Patrol leaders

10 ½-12- Scout

Cub Scout:                  8-10 ½

Beaver:                        6-8

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