Profile:Mackenzie Callaghan

Mackenzie Callaghan

Junior Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Junior Ambassador Program, this is a British-based initiative that helps people around the world and with our junior volunteers we have changed the lives of many across the globe. Here at the Junior Ambassador Program there is no sexuality, gender, religion or race, we are all one people. Thank you for volunteering, please tell us more about you to help us place you better in the correct volunteer program.

Dated: 1st August 2030

Name: Mackenzie Callaghan
Nickname: Kenzie, Mac

Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 4th September 2015
Age: 14
Birthplace: Newquay, Cornwall
Nationality: British
Social Class: Middle Class

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Dating



Parents and Sibling’s name: My mum is called Edward, my mom’s name is Ellie and I have a little bother called Tobi.

Family Background: Dad works for the NHS, he used to work in Cornwall where he met my mother and they fell in love, blah, blah, blah. Mum’s a secretary!

Children & Ages: I’m not that much of a tramp

Pets: My brother’s got a hamster called Barry

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: Like I’m gonna tell you
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Tattoos or Piercings: Both my ears are pierced and don’t tell my parents, but so is my naval

What do they sound like: Not sure, normal like
Typical Outfit: A cute little mini-skirt and an American lettered jacket

Any Other Info: N/A

What would you find in the pocket/handbag: I have a cute handbag that has my phone, lipstick and make-up back in it



Where do they live? (City, Countryside): Middle of Nowhere

Living Arrangements (House, Shared, and Rented): House with my family

Do they share it with anyone? I live with my folks and my brother
what is their home like?  It’s really nice, like five bedrooms
how do they get around? Walking or getting a lift from mum


Personal Information
Hobbies or Pastimes: Medicine and Radio
Favourite Films: Dirty Dancing
Favourite Books: Not got one
Favourite Album: Star’s Gotta Dance
Favourite TV Programme: Going to Dance

Favourite Sport and Team: ugh Sports
Favourite Food: Indian
Favourite Drink: Coke
Favourite Colour: Grey

Perfect Weekend: Being with my mates
Ideal Holiday Destination: London, away from my family

Best Point: Caring, cheerful

Worst Point: Stubborn and sometimes jealous

Mannerisms: I’ve got a habit of brushing my hands through my hair

Morals: Loyalty and honesty go a long way with me.

Fears: I know it sounds shallow, but having no friends

What is the thing that worries them most? Spiders

What do they look forward to? Shopping

Temperament: Fairly easy going

Have they lost anything important to them? No

What do they hate most? Mean girls, LOL

What is most important to them? Friends

What are their obsessions? Clothes and boys

Do they have an ambition? Become a fashion designer, but really I want to be a doctor.

What do they dream about? Becoming a surgeon

What are their secrets? My naval is pierced

Do they believe in religion or life after death?  I’m not religious like my folks and brother

Do they get on with other people or avoid them? Generally I get on with people

Who do they love? I’ve got a secret boyfriend called James

Has their heart ever been broken? Nope, at least not yet

Do they have a best friend or someone they can confide in? My best friend is a guy called Alex Walker, feels like we’ve been together since nappies!

Did they have a happy childhood? Yeah, fairly happy
what were they like in their childhood? Well mum reckons I was cheeky

When were they happiest? I’m happy when I’m not in this tiny fart of a town



Schools attended: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Foursquare Nursery, Newquay


Current year: Year Ten

How well are they doing: I’m quite bright, but I hide it from my friends

Favourite Subject: Math

Most Hated Subject: PE, cuz I hate the teacher

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