Project New Dawn Chapter Four

No noise seemed to come from Tobi’s mouth as he froze with a look of horror on his face. Time seemed to slow as I turned, bracing myself for the fatal bite of a zombie. However, as I faced the other direction, I felt myself bubbling with nervous laughter, almost giggling hysterically. In the corner, still slightly in shadow, were three mannequins. I guess, from Tobi’s perspective, they would appear to look like zombies.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Three

“Widespread blackouts have caused panic across the globe, though authorities are none the wiser to what is causing the electrical outages,” the newsreader told the public, “Also, famous astronomer Gerard Black was killed in a tragic car accident on Thursday, and in other news, Emergency COBRA meetings have been held in Number 10. However, no official word on why the meetings have been held. In related news, the US Ambassador to the UK was seen leaving Number 10, Downing Street.”

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New Look

If you are returning, you might have noticed the blog has a new look about it. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to read, and soon I’ll have some new content for you. Chapters 15-18 will shortly be replaced with cleaner, edited versions of the story. Thank you, and enjoy

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Project New Dawn Chapter Two

“I am sure it is probably someone’s idea of a practical joke, calm down,” I shouted, trying to reassure the children not long after a scream had been heard. I turned to Jamie, and another counsellor speaking with a newfound authority, “Get the children towards the bus and let Mr Robert’s know Mac and I will be there shortly,”

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Project New Dawn Chapter One

Coldwater splashed over me, drawing me from an incredible dream. I spluttered, feeling the coldness begin to seep through my pyjama top. Looking around wildly, I found three boys sniggering at me. The middle one, grinning evilly, held the bucket.
“Wet yourself again, I see, faggot,” Laurence taunted. Either side of him was his goon squad. His six-foot frame blocked the light from the door, and his bright blue eyes watched me with unadulterated glee.

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