Petunia was having one of the best summers in over fifteen years. Apart from the start when her lovely little duddykins had been attacked by that awful boy, Harry. A strange man once claiming to know her sister had dragged her son home. He had been cold, clammy and uttering absolute gibberish. They had taken him to the hospital, but even the doctors were clueless about what had affected him. Petunia knew it was something that freak did. Slowly Dudley had gotten better, now here he was, watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete on the television.

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“What?” Draco and Sirius cried at the same, both looking at the stately woman in shock. Harry did not think he had seen Draco looking so animated as he did right now.
“You cannot be serious, mother; we don’t need sanctuary anywhere,” Draco told his mother.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Sixteen

“Welcome to Fort Walker, new friends. Hopefully, you can be safe and happy here. Hopefully, you’ll contribute, and all our lives will be made easier,” so sue me, I’m not exactly the best person at giving speeches. I looked around at the room and the newcomers, who all looked fresher than when we met raising my glass of Coca Cola. Everyone shouted ‘hear, hear’ as we sat down to eat the delicious meal Simon had provided. Once we were halfway through, I sat back looking around my table; Mac, Matty and Tobi were there as usual, but I had invited Rachel and Andre to sit with us.

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Remus Lupin, a one-time friend of both Sirius and James Potter, looked between the pair of them before laughing his head off. Then, when he realised they were not laughing, he looked at father and son with astonishment.

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Sirius Black stared at the letter in his hand, he had returned from seeing his godson late last night. The boy had been shell-shocked at what he had witnessed, and he was right to be, Voldemort returning was devastating.

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Project New Dawn Chapter 15

Hammering echoed across the space as Noah and I breathed hard from the fight. I wiped the sweat from my eyes and saw the kid that had opened the door. He was similar in age to Noah and me with black hair and doe brown eyes. He was pretty cute, if not a little dirty. Next to him was a girl, also similar in age to us in dungarees and a fierce look on her face. She also had a crowbar in her hand.

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