This chapter involves potentially distressing scenes or deals with issues that may affect you emotionally


“What?” Draco and Sirius cried at the same, both looking at the stately woman in shock. Harry did not think he had seen Draco looking so animated as he did right now.

“You cannot be serious, mother; we don’t need sanctuary anywhere,” Draco told his mother.

“No, he’s Sirius,” Narcissa replied, laughing lightly. Draco’s jaw dropped, and even Harry appeared surprised. The last time he had seen Draco’s mum, she looked like there was something smelly beneath her nose. He had never seen the women looking so loose as she was now.

“That’s the Cissy I remember.” Sirius commented, “You are perfectly welcome to live here, but I have to ask why.”

“The Dark Lord has moved into Malfoy manor, and I will not play to his every whim,” she answered, making Sirius’s jaw drop. “I have caught one or two of the Death Eater’s looking at Draco; I refuse to allow my son to join that half-blood murderer.”

“So you know the truth?” Harry asked the woman.

“Yes, as does Lucius, but he refuses to believe the man he prostate’s himself before is less of a pure-blood than him,” came the reply.

“What if I want to follow in fathers’ footsteps,” Draco spoke up petulantly.

“Then you are a fool!” Harry voiced before anyone could get in a word. Sirius glared at him going to speak, but Narcissa silenced him. She knew that a peer might persuade her son more easily. “I do not believe you really want to join the Death Eaters; you have not got the disposition to murder, rape and steal from others.  Yes, you have bullied Ron, Hermione and me, but most of the time, that’s done half-heartedly.”

“You, my son, are much more intelligent than the oaf’s that join the Death Eaters. Being around certain people has not helped you,” Narcissa eluded to what Nevile had told him earlier.

“Let’s put this argument off. Narcissa, you are welcome to stay as long as you like,” Sirius told them before calling out, “Elkley,”

“Yes, Master Black”

“Can you get one of the house-elves to set up a room for Lady Malfoy and her son?” the marauder asked.

“Yes, Master,” the elf popped off, then returned with more tea for the inhabitants.

“Actually, this is good; I was going to call a family meeting in the next few days to reaffirm the Black family and introduce Harry to everyone,”

“It is surprising. I never knew you had a son and did not expect you to have Harry Potter as a son. Have you adopted him?” Narcissa asked primly.

“He is my biological son,” Sirius looked at Draco as though not sure whether to speak in front of the blond boy.

“You know the Family Magic as well as I do, Sirius, a Black cannot repeat anything that is spoken within these walls,” Narcissa looked around the hallowed walls of Hárasteorra Hall.

“What do you mean? I couldn’t repeat anything said here,” Draco looked confused. Harry almost felt sorry for him.

“You are a Black by blood, this House Hárasteorra Hall is interweaved with the Family Magic. All those of Black descent cannot repeat any secrets that are spoken here unless given permission of the originator.”

“But won’t He be able to rip it from my mind?” Draco looked panicked now. Harry had never seen the boy this way; he was sure the other boy had no real friends.

“That brings up a good point; there are certain people that may want to get to the secrets in Harry’s head. I need someone to teach Harry Occulemency,” Sirius suggested looking at Narcissa, “How far are you along with Draco?”

“His shields are weak at the moment,” she answered candidly.

“Harry requires lessons this summer, especially in Etiquette and Occlumency. Would you be willing to train him?” Sirius asked. “In return, Remus will help include Draco in Harry’s lessons on everything else except Potions; I’m still looking for someone who could teach that,”

“Professor Snape could teach us,” Draco spoke hopefully.

“Severus Snape is a traitor,” Sirius ground out, not trusting himself. Narcissa gave him an appraising look.

“You know he is passing information to the Dark Lord; he came back to him on hands and knees,” the witch explained. She noted that neither Remus nor Sirius looked shocked at this information.

“He is supposed to be a spy for the light side; he works for Dumbledore,” Sirius spat.

“Ah, I see there is some disharmony, maybe one of the reasons for Harry’s sudden appearance as your son,” Narcissa suggested while Draco just goggled at the adults.

“I was, apparently, in love with Lily Evans. We started dating in our Fifth Year,” Sirius described his relationship. Harry was not sure if he wanted the woman to know the secrets of his parents. How could Sirius trust this woman when she was married to Voldemort’s right-hand man.

“I see, I had left then by the time you were dating, but I was under the impression that Lily started dating James Potter in the seventh year,” Narcissa commented.

“I’ve seen the memories of us falling in love and dating, right up to when we first made love, but I can’t remember.”

“Memory Charm?”

“We think so. Sirius had a scan done. He had been charmed, but also there were traces of Obliviate on him,” Remus told the woman, “I can’t remember him dating Lily either.”

“I may know a way you can regain your memories,” the woman suggested. The marauder looked at her questioningly.

“I did not think there was anything that could bring back memories,” Remus was the one who voiced their thoughts.

“It is an ancient potion, I believe it is in the Black Library, but it is a long time since I have looked in there,”

“Are you a potion’s mistress?” Harry questioned. He was beginning to like the dignified woman, though he was unsure why Sirius was telling her everything.

“Beside Severus, she’s the best!” Draco scoffed.

“It doesn’t do to gloat, darling,” Narcissa gently reminded her son.

“Perhaps then, you would be willing to teach Harry Potions, I’m afraid he’s had a terrible teacher, and someone kept interfering with his potions.” Sirius pointedly looked at Draco, who admittedly looked ashamed.

“You know how dangerous Potions are; how can you interfere with someone else’s potions, especially a novice?” she demanded of her son.

“It’s perfect Potter, the prince of Gryffindor. Uncle Sev encouraged it,” Malfoy whined.

“He is no longer a Potter, he is family, and we look after family no matter what house they are in. Do you know the Black Family motto?”

“Toujours Pur; Always Pure,” Draco replied quickly.

“Actually, the full motto before it was mangled was Domus est, Pura Semper,” Sirius cut in. “Which means, “Always pure to the house, or in other words, Loyalty to the Blacks above all others.”

“Siri is right,” Narcissa told her son, making Harry giggle at his father’s nickname. “I have doubt’s that Snape is a good teacher if he allows this to happen,”

“How long will the Potion take?” Harry asked, trying to take the attention off Draco a bit. When had he started calling the other teen Draco?

“If I find the right ingredients and the potion is correct, I believe it will take just over a month to create,” Narcissa replied, giving the boy a smile. She knew exactly what he was doing regarding her son, knowing that conversation was not over.

“Right, let’s take you to your rooms and get you comfortable,” Remus suggested.

“Besides, the three unforgivables, are there any other curses that could be classed as illegal?” Remus asked the two boys. A week had passed since Narcissa and Draco had arrived at Hárasteorra Hall, though there had been no significant fights between the two teens as expected. Each day Narcissa would take the two boys’ for etiquette, Occulamency or Potions classes in the morning, then Remus would take them in the afternoon for anything else the two boys’ required. Harry had to admit, it had been pleasant to have Draco to play Quidditch with earlier during the day. With no one else around, the other teen had not gloated, nor had he uttered the infamous words ‘My father shall hear of this’. Draco was almost coming into his own, Harry thought.

“Sectumsempra,” Draco spoke quietly. Remus frowned at the boy. Remus was giving them an extra lesson because they had missed his class yesterday. They had taken over the Drawing room when not in use for their studies.

“Yes, how do you know about that?” Remus’s voice was rather cold.

“Uncle Sev, he told us about it once,” Draco’s voice was small.

“It’s a very dangerous curse, created by Severus Snape.”

“Yet, he’s teaching it to School-aged kids,” Harry snorted, “great teaching at Hogwarts.”

“It IS a dangerous curse, but it is relatively modern. Some curses have been lost to time, thank Merlin,” the marauder told them.

“I read about De’Agnon the Dark in fathers’ library,” Draco added.

“It wouldn’t surprise me they had that information in your fathers’ library. Did the book talk about the curses?” Remus asked.


“Well, there are some miracles in this world,” Remus muttered.

“Who is De’Agnon?” Harry asked.

“De’Agnon the Dark was one of the first Dark Lords in about three AD. From what little we know, he was a spell spinner and necromancer who consequently created several dark spells, which luckily have been lost to time though we know their names and what they did.” Remus started putting a weighty tome on the desk.

“So what were the curses?” Draco asked, causing Harry to roll his eyes.

“They were known as the Seven Deadly Sins; the Catholic church later modelled their own sins off these. Now De’Agnon studied many various creatures and perfected his curses around theses; Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Apathy, Lust, Shadow, and Bestial.

He and his followers forged an empire with these seven curses until early ancestors of the Black’s managed to capture and kill him. His research was destroyed, yet a Black documented what each of the curses did. I found them in the library here.”

“So what do they do?” Harry asked, now eager to learn about the curses.

“Well, Greed was the least severe of the curses, but still bad. The three worse were Shadow, Lust and Bestial,” Remus shuddered. “Lust changed the victim into what we call a succubus or Vampire; without having to infect them, they found themselves driven to drink blood at all costs.”

“I’m guessing Bestial was to do with werewolves?” Draco broke in, Harry was mesmerised by the teacher. Remus nodded but continued his story.

“Shadow would turn the victim into something unable to live in the light. This might not seem too bad, but the shadow-victim was bonded to the spell-caster and often used to commit assassinations in the dead of night,” Remus continued to the impressionable teens. “Bestial was the worse of the worse, the ultimate warrior for the dark wizard. Ten times that of werewolves today, every full moon the victim would become a wolf slaughtering indiscriminately except for the original spell-caster.”

“Was there any way of reversing these curses?”

“Fortunately, the Black Scribe wrote that all seven curses needed power and intent behind them. If you could stop them mid curse, you could slow or stop the curse from taking full effect,” Remus answered as a noise interrupted them.

“Welcome, Andromeda,” Sirius could be heard greeting his cousin. They put their books away, though Harry noticed Draco slipping the weighty tome into his bag. When the blond looked up, he met Harry’s eyes. The pair knew they would be looking at it together later. As Andromeda entered, followed by her family, Harry stood taking the older woman’s hand, kissing it lightly.

“Well, you have been teaching manners, though I did not expect to find Harry Potter here,” the brown-haired woman commented. Harry looked over to find a portly man with blond hair and a tall woman with a heart-shaped face and pink hair.

“Harry, this is my cousin Andromeda Tonks, her husband Ted and their daughter Nymphadora,” Sirius introduced the boy to the newcomers. Harry heard Nympthadora speak.

“If you call me Nymphadora, you will never have children,” the young woman threatened, looking between Draco and Harry.

“Nymphadora!” her mother admonished.

“You can call me Tonks, or as your family, I’ll allow you to call me Dora,” she told them, a little sullenly. Sirius disappeared as another chime was heard, returning minutes later with an older woman.

“Everyone, this is Callidora Longbottom, Neville’s great-grandmother,” Sirius added for the benefit of Harry. “She’s also a Black by blood,”

“Pleased to meet you,” Harry bowed to the older lady as Remus bid them all a goodbye. Narcissa passed him, giving the man a small smile; Harry noticed and shared a look with Draco, who looked just as perplexed. The pair hid their book bags away as Sirius sealed the room with Black magic,

“Now we have that out the way. Everyone, I would like to introduce you all to the newest addition to the Black Family Harry Anteres Black, Heir to the House.” Upon his announcement, jaws dropped, the old woman looked him over with a laser-sharp gaze then nodded while the other three looked at him with utter astonishment.

“Are you absolutely positive he is your son? I can see the resemblance, but he is Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. He is the son of the world-class Auror,” Andromeda looked between the pair of them curiously, not failing to see the frown on Sirius’s face.

“He is my son; I have seen the memories of being with his mother, a birth certificate and last week Narcissa brewed a Puerapatre potion for me. He is 100% my child,” Sirius returned.

“You said, Memories?” Ted, the lawyer, asked.

“Yes, it’s one of the reason’s I’m calling you all here. My memories have been tampered with by the Great Albus Dumbledore.” That sentence caused an uproar with the Tonks’s and Lady Longbottom.

“My son and grandson were great followers of Dumbledore; the Regent Longbottom is one of his closest allies,” Callidora watched the man shrewdly.

“But you’ve never been a fan of the light,” the man retorted, remembering his younger days when his great Aunt would complain about how the Light side, the Progressives, were pushing new ways on all magical beings.

“You’ll find, impudent nephew, that I dislike the progressives, not those that are light completely,” she snapped back at him, receiving a dry laugh in return.

“I have evidence that he has interfered in Harry’s life. I have seen James and Lily’s Will’s, which is moot now; Harry was supposed to go to first myself, then to Frank and Alice, then to Amelia Bones,” Sirius told the gathered family. Even Harry did not know about the Will, so he was a little shocked. “Harry was taken to his Mug-Mundane family,”

“Excuse me, Sir, but didn’t Pot-er, Harry live with rich magical relatives?” Draco asked, astounded. His image of Potter, erm, Black, had totally been destroyed in the last week.

“No, I was just treated like a House-elf,” Harry muttered, not realising he had spoken out loud until there was absolute silence in the room. He looked up from staring at his shoes to find everyone looking at him; Sirius was going red, Narcissa had a sympathetic look on her face while Andromeda appeared horrified.

“Even in new clothes, you are shorter than a fifteen-year-old, and you look thin.” Even though he was horrified, Draco sniggered at the embarrassment on Harry’s face. Harry? He wondered. Andromeda looked gently at the teen. “Stand in front of me, Harry.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Harry stood in front of the Healer. Everyone could see, even in the new clothing, the boy was far too slim. Ted handed his wife a parchment and quill, which she set on the coffee table. She took up her wand, muttering an incantation that Harry did not hear. A soft golden light seemed to scan him from head to foot; the results of the scan were now being written on the parchment. After a few moments, the quill finally stopped writing, and Andromeda looked at the paper.

“Self-healed arm, poorly healed leg, severely malnourished, Phoenix tears and basilisk venom. Signs of a concussion, and, oh,” Andromeda cried out, now staring at the boy before her.

“What is it?” Sirius looked very pale. Andromeda visibly pulled herself together before looking at the man, now his father.

“Firstly, why the hell isn’t that Muggle family in jail for abuse?” She asked angrily.

“I, er, wasn’t abused,” replied Harry, shrinking back into his seat. “Isn’t that what all families are like?”

“No, Harry, Father has never treated me like a house-elf,” Draco responded, though there was a dark shadow in his eyes. Harry knew he was hiding something.

“Draco is right, honey; families are loving toward one another. We don’t physically attack one another,” Andromeda told him softly.

“You what?” Sirius spoke angrily.

“It appears he has had a broken arm and leg that have not healed properly, one arm that was wholly deboned-“ Harry cut her off.

“That was Professor Lockhart during my second year,” Harry explained.

“Be that as it may, that does not explain the shadow of a concussion or the broken bones that healed incorrectly,” she answered in her best patient voice, “Why didn’t Madam Pomfrey pick up on any of this, haven’t you had your yearly exam at Hogwart’s?”

“No, what’s that?” Harry looked perplexed.

“Every year, all students are required to visit Madam Pomfrey, in case of on-going injuries, problems they are having or someone to talk to,” Draco spoke up.

“Never been invited to an exam.” Andromeda harumphed.

“Perhaps we should get Madam Bones involved,” Dora spoke up for the first time.

“I don’t think it’s time to get your boss involved just yet, we need these injuries properly investigated, not to mention, speak to Poppy,” her mum returned.

“Wow, are you an Auror?” Harry asked, his eyes shining.

“Just out of the Academy, I’m partnered with Kingsley Shacklebolt,” she told him excitedly.

“He’s of the minor Noble houses, correct?” Harry asked, trying to remember some of his etiquette lessons.

“Yes, his father is Sir Shacklebolt.”

“That’s neither here nor there. We have other things to worry about,” Andromeda interrupted them. “Did Dumbledore ever visit you?”

“No, I never knew I was a wizard until my eleventh birthday.” He heard a gasp from Narcissa but ignored it in favour of watching Andromeda.

“Did anyone else ever visit you? Such as Mugggle social worker or a Police officer?”

“A social worker visited once when I was about eight, but then nothing ever came of the visit.” 

“Magical interference,” Ted and Sirius spoke at the same time.

“What were you surprised about?” Sirius asked, getting back to her gasp.

“Situated around his scar is some very dark magic,” the Healer told him. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s the blackest magic I’ve ever seen,”

“Do you think that’s how I’m connected to Voldemort?” Harry asked, hearing the gasps from several parties.

“It could be,” Andromeda suggested but looked to Sirius, who shrugged, “You really need to see a Mind Healer, not to mention having your old injuries looked at. I would also recommend a nutritional diet to help improve his body, though he will never be a tall man.”

“Can you not do all that?” Sirius asked.

“It would be better to bring him into St Mungo’s if only to catalogue the abuse of the Muggles and the abandonment of Dumbledore.”

“Firstly, I would like you to represent Harry at the hearing in three weeks,” Sirius turned to Ted, “How’s the business going?”

“Tonks & Black is running well; we’ve acquired several lawyers, not to mention stolen some clients from the others,” he laughed, getting a smack from his wife.

“Harry has been accused of breaking the Statute of Secrecy and the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery when he performed a Patronus in front of his muggle cousin,” Sirius told the other man.

“You can perform the Patronus Charm?” a shrill voice asked. Harry had forgotten about Callidora.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Harry answered respectively.

“I would like to see it,” she demanded. Harry looked at Sirius for confirmation, who just nodded at him. He summoned up his best memory, which was one of his latest. After brewing the Puerapatre potion, Sirus had turned to him and told Harry he really was the boy’s father.

Expecto Patronum,” Harry called but got the shock of his life when a stag did not emerge from his wand. An ethereal raven emerged from the wand, flying around the room before settling on Harry’s shoulder. He almost felt the weight.

“That’s amazing,” Andromeda cried.

“I thought your Patronus was a Stag,” Draco commented.

“It is, was,” stuttered Harry. Sirius let out a bark of laughter.

“It’s the family magic; the raven is the Black family sigil,” Sirius told a very perplexed Harry.

“You have one very powerful boy there,” Callidora stated. “I will back the Black family; I have no doubt once Augusta knows of Dumbledore’s interference, she will be looking for an alliance,”

“Neville is my god-brother,” Harry told the old lady.

“Better than that Weasel,” Draco muttered under his breath, but Harry could not argue after what Neville had told him. In the last week, he had begun to question the loyalty of his friends.

“Narcissa and Draco have been bought back into the family. If I can get a trial for myself, I will begin proceedings to have your marriage annulled,” Sirius turned to Narcissa, “For the time being, Harry and Draco, out in public you must pretend to be enemies. Narcissa will remain in the estate in France.”

“What are we going to do about Dumbledore?” Andromeda asked.

“His time will come, but I want to bring the Black’s back to a neutral state,” Sirius revealed his master plan, “There are too many families that don’t wish to side with Voldemort but have a strong dislike for Dumbledore’s leadership of the light. They need a new leader to follow.”

“Oh no,” Harry gasped as he realised Sirius was looking at him.

“I hate to burden you, but even if I were acquitted, I would be looked at with suspicion, but if we use you as a figurehead, the former Harry Potter, Heir to the House of Black, the House and it’s allies would be able to attract the neutrals.”

“What about the announcement today?” Andromeda asked.

“The Muggle-born register?” Sirius asked.

“It was ratified today.”

“There is still some debate on it, and the next Wizengamot session is not until after Harry’s minor hearing. If we can get some evidence to Amelia, I’ll be able to attend and start overturning it,”

“What does that mean for Hermione?” he smiled fondly at the thought of his best friend. She had been there with him, always by his side. He felt his insides get warm at the thought of her. Butterflies seemed to be making the rounds of his stomach. Harry shook his head; there was time later to analyse what these feelings meant.

“It means that she will have to register as a mundane-born. She will never get the best jobs; she’ll be stuck as some clerk or something,” Sirius answered.

“She’s smarter than most of the people at Hogwarts,” Harry angrily spoke. “Isn’t there anything we can do? Narcissa was telling us about vassals and those protected by the big houses.”

“It may not be enough,” Narcissa tried to say gently.

“We can certainly see about having her protected by the House of Black as a Vassal, however as Narcissa said, it may not be enough,” the marauder told his son gently, who sank into his seat. “We’ll all have a think about it and research possible solutions.” 

“Thank you,” Harry replied quietly.

“Now, I think perhaps it’s time we ended this meeting, but I hope we’ll have more meetings in the future or just gather as a family,” Sirius suggested.

“Actually, I think I would enjoy that; despite all the revelations, it was nice to see you again,” Andromeda smiled and exchanged a few more words with everyone before they left, followed by Callidora. Andromeda went straight to her office when they arrived back home.

“I know that look on your face,” Ted said, leaning against the door as she looked through several bits of parchment.

“What look?”

“The one that says someone is not going to be happy, usually that person is me,” He replied with a smile.

“I’m going to see Poppy,” she told her husband, who nodded his agreement. They could discuss the meeting later as he watched his wife enter their front room, where the fireplace was.

“Hello, Andromeda, it’s been a long time,” Madam Pomfrey greeted the head in her fireplace.

“Yes, I feel like it was during training that we last saw each other,” the woman laughed, “Do you mind if I step through?”

“Of course,” Poppy Pomfrey stepped back, allowing the other woman to step through. Andromeda had just started at St Mungo’s in her first year as a Healer intern when it was Madam Pomfrey’s last year of teaching. The older witch had left the following year to become Hogwarts matron. Andromeda looked around at the tidy office. All of the bottles were in neat rows, with labels facing outward. Her desk was clean, and the two cosy chair’s had throw rugs on them. She took notice of the small bed in the corner in case there were patients overnight.

“How are you? It must be dreadfully boring,”

“Summer’s are all quiet; I’m sure Harry Potter will keep me on my toes when we return,” the kindly matron said off-handedly, noticing the dark frown on her friends face.

“And has Mr Potter come into the Hospital wing a lot?” Andromeda asked carefully.

“More than most, he had the incident in the first year, several incidents in the second year, the third year he was almost eaten by a werewolf, then last year was the whole tri-wizard nonsense,” Poppy marked off her fingers as she served tea to the other woman.

“Did you ever scan him while he was here?”

“I must have done,” the matron frowned as she tried to remember if she had scanned the boy. A headache sprang up. Andromeda was watching her closely, alarm tickling the back of her mind.

“Please have a seat,” she said gently to the other woman.

“Why the visit?” Madam Pomfrey felt unsure of herself.

“Actually, Mr Potter is the reason for my visit; I’ve recently become his Healer. Were you aware that he had been abused?”

“What, no!” Pompey denied. She cried out as pain stabbed through her head; she clutched her head as the pain came in waves. Andromeda grabbed her friend, pulling gently toward the fireplace. She was barely able to get her through into the Emergency Department.

“Emergency, someone help me please,” she called out with authority. Immediately she was surrounded by several people and a floating bed. She pulled her wand out and called, “Somnum,”

“What’s the matter?” A male healer spoke as Pomfrey was lowered down onto the bed.

“Sixty-year-old female, I believe she has multiple Memory Charm’s on her, one of which may have triggered some reaction,” Andromeda calmly told the other Healer.

“Ah, Healer Tonks, is this Madam Pomfrey?” he asked, shocked as they took the floating bed toward the fourth floor: Spell Damage.

“Yes, I was discussing a patient, Healer Ward, when she was overcome with headaches and I would guess stabbing pains. I have sedated her, but you may need a specialist Mind Healer to help,” she suggested.

“Thank you,” she left the elderly matron with the Healers but wondered what to do next. Should she inform Hogwarts and Minerva McGonagall if Pomfrey had been charmed, Hogwarts deputy Headmistress was likely compromised. She went up to the fifth floor and the Paediatrics Wing. Entering her office, she immediately called her husband, then fire called Sirius. She explained everything to them.

“I agree with you, Professor McGonagall is likely compromised being so close to Dumbledore,” Sirius spoke from the fire.

“I was going to recommend you speak to Regent Longbottom; she is on the Hogwarts Board of Governors,” Ted spoke up.

“Do we tell her everything, though? She’ll want to go after Dumbledore.”

“Contact her via Callidora, we need to let Dumbledore know something soon, or he’ll wonder where his matron is,” Ted said.

“In the meantime, can you get Remus and Harry to St Mungos? I think we need to start the ball rolling and get some evidence on Dumbledore before Harry’s court case,” Andromeda asked of the man.

“Sure, I’ll have them there in the next thirty minutes,” Sirius disappeared from the fireplace, immediately going to find Remus and Harry. He found Remus in his usual spot in the library and Harry in the drawing-room, which had once again been converted into a classroom. The man apologised to Narcissa for pulling Harry from his lesson. He just told the pair they were going to be meeting Andromeda in her office. The pair went off through the Parlour Floo while he went to his study.

“Callidora, have you got a moment? I need some help,” Sirius called into the fireplace, getting the older witch immediately.

“Welcome to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Hopefully, this will be your one and only visit,” Andromeda smiled at the lad.

“Knowing his luck, I’m not so sure,” Remus muttered. Then he turned to look at the Tonk’s parents. “Sirius didn’t tell us what this is all about,”

“We would like Harry to be examined and documented,” the witch answered.

“No!” Harry replied vehemently.

“Harry, what Dumbledore did to you is deplorable. You had people that should have taken care of you, but he put you in a Muggle home, where you were abused,” Andromeda explained gently, trying not to spook the poor boy.

“I’ve been loyal to Dumbledore for years, but I wondered why you were given to Vernon and Petunia Dursley,” Remus added.

“It may help prevent someone else from being abused,” Ted threw in, having already sized the boy up.

“I’ll do it, but very reluctantly,” Harry responded under protest, knowing if he could help one person out, he would be happy.

“I’ll be with you at all times, as your attorney,” Ted placed his hand on the teen’s shoulder.

“As shall I,” Andromeda got up from he desk and tenderly led Harry from the room, down the corridor putting him in an examination room with Remus and Ted.  Moments later, she returned with a tall man with salt and pepper hair.

“Harry, I would like you to meet Healer Brendyn; he is my direct supervisor,” Andromeda introduced the teen to the new person.

“This is a special case,” Brendyn examined the boy before him.

“He is malnourished,” Andromeda started going over as Brendyn conjured a file.

“He has also been laced with Potions and charms,” Remus added, beginning to tick off, “Harry had loyalty charms on him, charms that made him hate Slytherins, a charm that dimmed his intelligence and enthusiasm for reading. He’s also ingested love potions, and he broke through a magical binding,”

“Excuse me?”

“We found that he had been bound from birth after he was attacked by dementors; he was able to completely destroy it,” Remus described what his scan’s had told them.

“Now, can you take your shirt off? Please,” the older gentleman had a pleasant voice.

“Why? Can’t you just scan me or something,” Harry asked curiously.

“We can, but I would like to do a visual exam of your body too,” Brendyn laughed, making the teen relax a bit. He took his shirt off somewhat reluctantly; now Remus could understand why. His chest and back were a latticework of old scars. His chest was so thin, Remus could count his ribs. Though the bruises were faded, the bruises were still; black, blue, and yellow.

“Oh, Merlin,” Remus uttered, turning away. Brendyn tried to remain impersonal, but even he was struggling at the enormity of the abuse. Remus turned away, feeling ill, while Ted tried to compose his face.

“I’m now going to perform several scans now, so please be still,” the Healer’s voice stuttered, shocked, “these reading are incredible; he has basilisk venom in his blood and phoenix tears. One of his arms was completely deboned.”

“Compare this,” Andromeda handed the Healer her own bit of parchment, allowing the pair to exam his findings very similar to what Andromeda had found. Except these findings were official.

“It seems most of the charms and Potions you had on you are gone, but there are bits of your body that need rehealing, not to mention the aura of darkness you have centred on the scar you have,” Brendyn talked through all his findings. “I would recommend admitting him today; we’ll need to vanish his leg and arm bones, then re-grow them. We’ll have to start him on a Potion regime too.”

“I think Sirius would agree to that,” Remus nodded at the Healer, “Will you report this?”

“It has to be reported immediately; something on this scale is an injustice of epic proportions,” Brendyn lost some of the softness in his voice. Harry could see that he could be scary.

“It’s a delicate situation, we are going to be hauling someone over the coals for this, but it is someone extremely powerful. We cannot let them know what we are up to until the last minute; at the moment, Harry’s guardian has a tenuous claim to that title.”

“I see, but this will need reporting,” Brendyn replied, leaving them with an official parchment with his findings.

“We need to involve the Aurors,” Andromeda spoke up to Harry’s wide-eyed look.

“What about the muggle-police?” Ted asked, instead.

“Why would you use mundanes?” Harry asked, knowing that Ted was mundane-born himself.

“Because your Aunt and Uncle are muggles, they hate magic, but it would be wrong for our own force to get involved really,” Ted explained.

“Well, we still don’t know who to trust, but there is someone that may be able to help us,”


“Amelia Bones, the regent of House of Bones,” Remus suggested.

“Do you think she’ll be able to keep this quiet?” Andromeda asked.

“I’ve got leverage on her. Unfortunately, it involves your daughter, but also back in the day, she was sweet on Sirius.”

“You’re not going to get Dora fired, are you?” Ted asked, confused.

“Actually, I was hoping she might be able to investigate, and we can get her out from under Dumbledore’s wing,” Remus told them ruthlessly.

“OK, we’ll do it,” Andromeda said firmly, “I think we can all agree that Dumbledore is bad.”

“We’ll get Bones to contact her counterpart in the mundane police; she can hand over the evidence that we collect,” Remus suggest, and the other three adults nodded.

“Don’t I get a say in all this?” Harry asked; everyone seems to have forgotten about the teen in the room.

“I would love to let you have a say, but I’m pretty sure your Father,” Remus grinned at saying that out loud, “would want to bring down any and all involved in your abuse.”

“But I feel like I’m taking up everyone’s time,” He had reluctantly allowed them to do the examination, but really he didn’t want to go any further.

“You are not; we just want to help you,” Andromeda let her motherly side out, hugging the teen carefully. All at once, the emotions got too much, and the fifteen-year-old cried into the woman’s shoulder. He had been embraced by Molly, but this was something completely different.

“Let’s get your t-shirt on, then we’ll get you a cup of tea,” Remus told the boy before the three adults left to contact Madam Bones. Harry looked up at Remus, hoping this was the right way to go about things.

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