Petunia was having one of the best summers in over fifteen years. Apart from the start when her lovely little duddykins had been attacked by that awful boy, Harry. A strange man once claiming to know her sister had dragged her son home. He had been cold, clammy and uttering absolute gibberish. They had taken him to the hospital, but even the doctors were clueless about what had affected him. Petunia knew it was something that freak did. Slowly Dudley had gotten better, now here he was, watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete on the television.

            Vernon was sat on his sofa reading the Sunday Times like he loved to do. All was good in her world as she sat at the window looking into Mr So and So’s window and watching Mrs Number Two’s horrible children.

“Number Two’s children are running around half-naked again, absolutely scandalous,” Petunia told her husband, who grunted. From a distance, she heard sirens. She wondered if there had been a fire in town.

“Bloody hell, they are sending the squaddies over to the European country, wassit called, erm, Bosnia. Should be sending them to Ireland,” Vernon grumbled.

“Oh, Mrs Number Two has come out to tell her kids off,” Petunia said excitedly, hoping to get some gossip for her next Community Meeting. Ha, she thought viciously, the police are coming to arrest you. The sirens she had heard were even louder

“What the blazes is that noise?” Vernon cried, throwing down his paper. He looked at the TV, thinking it was on Dudley’s show. The noise got louder.

“It’s the police to arrest Mrs Number Two and those animals she calls children,” Petunia says gleefully as she spotted a police car, van and then another police car pull into the street. However, her glee turns to a frown as the police pull up outside her house. She doesn’t notice the unmarked car pulling up in front of the police cars. She begins to panic as several officers get out of the vehicle. She now sees Mr So and So looking out his window in her direction. The other Evans’s from down the road is looking at the police cars. She sees the boy with a broad smile on his face. A knock on the door had Vernon cursing and Petunia going white as a ghost.

“Who the devil is that on a Sunday afternoon?” Vernon managed to get his walrus shaped body off the sofa and stomped to the door, opening to find a smartly dressed man. Vernon barely noticed the police van behind him. “No, we are not buying anything.”

“Are you Mr Vernon Dursley of 4 Privet drive?” the man asked.

“Yes, you’re standing in my doorway,” grumbled Vernon, the nerve of some people. “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Detective Chief Inspector Andy Rodham of the Surrey Police. May we come in?” DCI Rodham looked at the whale of the man as he went from puce to pale in ten seconds flat.

“Erm, yes, come in,” Vernon invited the man in. A second man entered, followed by a woman in a pantsuit.

“Before anything happens, we’d like to ask you a few questions if we may,” DCI Rodham spoke.

“Of course, Petunia, why don’t you make a cup of tea for our visitors,” Vernon said nervously, “We are law-abiding citizens, so I’m sure your visit is a mistake.”

“I’m sure,” Rodham said patronisingly, “There is no need for tea, Mrs Dursley. Oh, I’d like to introduce my colleagues, Chief Superintendent Rose of the Surrey Police and a Special Consultant, Amelia Bones,”

“Pleasure to meet you,” Vernon gulped. Chief Superintendent was near the top ranks, so this was incredibly important. Petunia flicked off the tv and stood by Dudley, who had shuffled off his fat bum. She noticed the woman Amelia was looking around, especially at the pictures. She was beginning to get a strange feeling about the woman.

“Now, Mr Dursely, is a Master Harry Potter related to you?” DCI Rodham asked, looking through his notes.

“I, erm, not sure,” Vernon gulped.

“I’ll remind you, things might be worse for you if you lie,” DCS Rose added.

“Are you related to a Harry Potter?” Rodham asked again.

“Yes, he is my wives nephew,” Vernon answered.

“According to Social Services, he lives at this address. Is this true?”

“Yes!” Vernon spat out.

“Where is he?” Rose asked mildly.

“We don’t know, Sir. He ran away about a month ago after he beat up our son,” Vernon lied. Both of the policemen looked at the fat boy in disbelief, “You see, he’s a criminal; he attends St Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys September until June.”

“I have him attending a prestigious private school in Scotland,” DCI Rodham flipped through his notes.

“He’s a freak!” Dudley blurted, only to be silenced by his mother.

“I beg your pardon, son?” DCI Rose looked at the boy, astonished. The boxer pulled his mother’s hand away.

“He’s a wizard, does magic and all.” The three police offices tried not to laugh.

“That’s a bit fanciful,”  Amelia told the boy patiently.

“You’re one of them, a witch!” Petunia’s eyes widened.

“Now see here, that’s very rude!” DCS Rose shouted, annoyed at these disgusting people.

“Are you sure the boy has run away?” Rodham was getting a little angry himself now; he was going to crack these abusers.

“Yes, Sir!” Vernon resolutely stuck to his story.

“Would it make you upset that Harry Potter was admitted into a hospital in London last nights with horrific historic abuse right up to one month ago?” DCI Rodham finally told them of his reasoning for being there.

“Everything he says is a lie; he’s a delusional criminal,” Vernon finally broke, knowing his life was about to change irrevocably.

“At this time, Vernon Dursley, we are arresting you for the abuse of a minor. You do not have to say anything. It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something that you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. We will allow you time to contact your solicitor when we get to the station,” Rodham read the man his rights as he pulled out his handcuffs.

“Where are you taking my little duddikins?” Petunia screeched as Rose began to read the woman her rights. Another officer had come in and was taking away the teen.

“He will be questioned then placed in a Youth Offender’s facility until his court date,” Rose answered. Then the three were led away, taken to three separate vans. Before Vernon was placed in the truck, he heard the Chief Superintendent say:

“Tear the house apart; I was every bit of evidence that will put these monsters away for life.”

Harry felt like the summer was going far too quickly. He had spent the night in St Mungo’s getting any treatment he needed. He had had to drink some vile potions to be inoculated against some of the worse magical diseases. Then Harry had spent a genuinely horrible night with the pains of growing bones. When the teen had returned to Hárasteorra Hall, he had a regime of potions to take. Not to mention Sirius now had him exercising every day, running around the grounds.

Now it was a week before the court case, and Harry was once again in the makeshift classroom with Draco. They still insulted one another, but it lacked the venom it once did. Harry and Draco had been reading the book on dark curses, though it did not actually have the incantations, the book was thousands of years old. Remus had yet to notice it missing.

“Today we are going to learn about Betrothal contracts, though some of the more progressive houses don’t use them they have played some pretty important parts in history,” Narcissa explained, going on to name several different examples where Betrothal contracts have saved a Family from dying or created an excellent business deal.

“So have the Black family been involved in Betrothal Contracts?” Harry asked.

“They’re one of the oldest traditional families,” Draco sneered at the other teen. Narcissa gave her son a pointed look.

“Actually, Lucius was contracted to be married to my sister, Andromeda,” Narcissa told them casually. Draco and Harry’s mouth s dropped open in shock. “However, before they could go through with the marriage, she ran away with Ted, so the contract was re-written for me.”

“Are there any live Betrothal contracts?” Harry asked. Narcissa looked around nervously while Draco went bright red before speaking up.

“My father signed a contract with Cyrus Greengrass ten years ago; I am to wed his daughter Astoria.”

“Astoria?” Harry tried to remember a girl called Astoria, but he could barely remember Daphne Greengrass.

“She’s a third-year Slytherin, looks very similar to her sister,” Draco explained.

“Your father made a contract when you were five to a three-year-old!” Harry looked at them, astonished.

“There have been Betrothal contracts written up at birth,” Narcissa told them gently.

“That is absolutely disgusting,”

“As I said, Betrothal Contracts can be an excellent thing, sometimes love can come from a contract and sometimes something exceptional,” Narcissa looked at Draco.

“Has Sirius been through the black vaults and found any contracts?” Harry asked jokingly but shut up when he saw Narcissa’s face. She looked at Draco before she spoke.

“Sirius wants to break your contract when he has my marriage annulled, citing the fact no Head of Black House signed off on the deal.” Draco looked almost down at the news.

“How do you feel about Astoria?” she asked softly.

“She’s funny and clever, but not exactly my choice of partner,” Draco admitted gulping. Harry, usually so oblivious, realised Draco had just come out to his mother. Harry wasn’t sure how he felt about Draco being homosexual; his Uncle and cousin were fiercely against it. He shook his head as he listened to Narcissa talking again.

“Dragon, you will always be my son. I will be happy for whoever you date,” Narcissa smiled at her son. Harry breathed out a sigh of relief, noticing the smile that Draco was trying to stop on his face.

“That’s good, mother,” the teen returned formally.

“Just smile for Merlin’s sake, your so bloody stiff.”

“You’re such a peasant, Black,” Draco sniffed, then broke out into a huge grin. Narcissa continued on with the lesson talking over several different types of betrothal contracts, from the iron-clad ones to Contracts that could be exacted hundreds of years later. It was nearing lunchtime when a chime sounded, indicating someone was at the floo.

“I wonder who that could be; Sirius didn’t tell me he was expecting anyway,” Harry spoke out loud. While he was still getting used to Sirius being his father, some days he thought it was a cruel trick fate was playing on him. He had only called him Dad once. As Draco was about to reply, one of the younger elves popped into the classroom.

“Master Harry, Lord Grosmont is in the Parlour waiting for you,” the elf squeaked. Sirius was out of the house showing his face at Grimmauld Place, which left Harry in charge of the Manor House.

“Thank you, Noj, please can you bring some refreshments to the Drawing-room,” Harry told the small creature, then turned to Draco. “Come on, Dray, time to make nice.”

“I’m always nice. Call me Dray again, and I’ll push you off your broomstick,” the boy grumbled as he followed Harry out of the classroom. Narcissa smiled; she was worried when she first arrived that the pair would kill each other after four year’s rivalry. But she was pleasantly surprised that the pair had become friends, though the two would deny it if asked.

“Lord Grosmont, welcome to Hárasteorra Hall,” Harry greeted the other boy, as he had been taught when he entered the parlour.

“Thank you, My Lord, it’s a pleasure to see you again,” Neville replied just as formally. Harry broke into a grin and pulled the boy into a hug.

“Am I glad to see you, brother? I’ve only had to put up with the troublesome twosome and this whiner for the last few weeks,” Harry dropped the noble act, pointing in the direction of Draco.

“I do not whine!” whine Draco.

“Case in point,” Harry nodded as if that settled everything. “Now, what are you doing here?”

“Your father,” Neville shook his head, “That’s weird saying that,”

“Imagine going through it.”

“Anyway, Sirius invited me over to keep you both company,”

“I’m surrounded by Gryffindor’s,” Draco muttered, following the pair into the drawing-room, which had several portraits adorning the walls. Narcissa greeted Neville as she tidied up the ‘classroom’, then left as the trio settled down. The chairs were comfortable in there. If Harry wasn’t in the library, he was usually settled in front of the fire reading. Harry couldn’t wait to show Hermione the library. Now, why did he think about Hermione all of a sudden? One of the elves popped in with some butterbeer and a selection of chocolates from Honeydukes.

“Erm, I don’t mean to be rude, but how is Malfoy in your home with you? You don’t appear to have injured each other.” Neville looked Harry over as if he was under the Imperius curse.

“Actually, we get on pretty well; I took on what you said last time we spoke,” Harry replied.

“What did you say?” Draco asked suspiciously, taking a sip from his butterbeer.

“That you’re not as bad as you seem, I don’t even think you believe half the stuff that your father tells you,” Neville told him.

“It’s been an interesting couple of weeks; I’ve learnt a few truths that have made me realise some things,” Draco admitted.

“Oh man, that was like pulling a needle from my eye,” Harry said dramatically. Since seeing the Healer’s, Harry visited a Mind Healer, helping him deal with everything. His nightmares grew less frequent, and he felt much freer than he ever had; he wouldn’t admit it, but being with Draco had helped. The blond boy certainly felt like a friend, perhaps even family. The boy in question threw a pillow at Harry’s head, who giggled at him.

“Who are you, and what have you done with Harry?” Neville goggled at the brunette; he had never seen him so relaxed.

“I’ve been seeing a Mind Healer,” Harry admitted, “I’m starting to feel somewhat normal.”

“You’ll never be normal, Black. At least Remus convinced you to change those stupid glasses and get you decent clothes,” Draco teased the other boy.

“You’re hilarious, Malfoy,” Harry bit back. Neville looked between the two, shaking his head. “Come on, Nev, let’s take a tour of the Manor.”

“Sure.” Neville followed Harry out onto the grounds of the castle. They saw the stables where Harry threw Buckbeak a ferret. “So the last I heard, Sirius Black was a criminal on the run.”

“First, how exactly did you come here?” Harry asked, curious himself.

“A couple of days after we met up at Twillfit and Tattings, I had been working in my Greenhouses when grandmother called for me. Callidora, my great-grandmother, had just finished a meeting with her, and my grandmother was fuming. She sat me down to explain that I was not to look in Dumbledore’s eyes and if I was called to a meeting with him, request that McGonagall be there,” Nevile told his tale, “and then she went on to ask me what I knew about the Duke of Anglia and his heir. So I told her about meeting you.”

“Don’t worry, I think the Longbottom’s are a good ally,” Harry replied, now after several weeks of reading about Nobles and their families. Neville stopped and looked at Harry so seriously that Harry blinked.

“I know the Longbottom’s have always been staunch allies with the Potters, but we are brothers in all but blood,” Nevile said fiercely. “I know we haven’t been the closest friends for the last several years, but we should have been brothers. I, Neville Frank Longbottom, Marquess of Grosmont, last of the Longbottom line pledge my sword and my wand to the House of Black, and especially Harry Black, heir of the House of Black.”

“Wow!” Harry muttered before grasping Neville’s arm. “I, Harry Anteres Black, Heir to the House of Black, will honour your pledge and pledge my own sword and wand should my brother ever call on me.”

Magic tingled through the air as they pledged friendship and loyalty to one another, making the two teens look at each other in awe.

“So tell me, how do you really get on with Malfoy?” Neville asked, breaking the tension as they began to walk around the gardens.

“Surprisingly well, at first, I was wary of him, but he is definitely trying to change. I think you are right; he had the pressure of his father leaning on him, not to mention being watched by some darker students,” Harry considered as they walked.

“What have you been up to the last few weeks since summer began? You never did tell me how you came to be here properly,” Neville asked curiously.

“I was attacked by Dementors at the beginning of summer. Sirius found me and bought me to Hárasteorra Hall to recover because the attack unleashed my magic,” He explained.

“Oh wow, that crazy,” Neville said.

“Tell me about it, but last week we went to the continent. We met up with Fleur Delacour. Do you remember her?” Harry asked her friend, who blushed a bright red.

“I do.”

“Well, they are considering sending their youngest daughter to Hogwart’s, though we may have talked them out of it,” Harry described his mini-European adventure, “We also met the King of the Vampires.”

“You lived to tell the tale?”

“They’re not all that bad; some of the worse clans were thrown off the vampire council for siding with Voldemort. Most of the European clans just want to be left alone,” Harry sympathised with the people he had met, high up in the Alps. Harry took Neville through the Greenhouses; the other boy despaired at how they had been left but promised to come back.

“This really is a castle.”

“You should see the curtain wall; Hárasteorra Hall is a defensible castle. If you cannot apparate through the Wards, you have to arrive at the guardhouse where there are always two Elves stationed.” Harry described the castle.

“How are the Wards able to cover such a large area?” Neville asked.

“Sirius explained it all to me, I can’t remember much, but I think he said we’re on some sort of magical meeting point, which means the Wards use little family magic to feed them. We are under a Fidelius Charm, too, so only Blood can find the place; even Remus has to be connected to one of us to arrive here.”

“How’s it been with just Remus, Sirius and Narcissa? Do you miss Ron and Hermione?” Neville asked as they entered the house. Once again, Harry felt a squirm at Hermione’s name; the feeling’s had been getting stronger every day.

“Sirius is excellent; I’ve seen memories of when he was a teenager. He was a bully like James, but he seems to have matured. I think the Mind Healer has helped him a lot as well, it will take months, perhaps even years, to fully heal from Azkaban, but he’s well on his way,” Harry answered, “as for Ron and Hermione, of course, I miss them.” 

“Have-“ Harry would never hear the question because as they emerged back into the central part of the manor, Sirius emerged from the parlour with a frown.

“Hello, you two.”

“Your Grace,” Neville bowed to the older man.

“None of that here, Lord Grosmont, any friends of Harry’s is a friend of mine,” Sirius swept the boy into a bear hug before turning to Harry, “how’s the Animagus training coming along?”

“You’re training to become an Animagus?” Neville asked.

“Actually, I’ve stopped; I kept having a reaction to the plant in my mouth,” Harry explained to the pair, “so I’ve decided to give it up; some people are not meant to be Animagus.”

“That’s very mature of you,” Sirius told him.

“Instead, I’m working on further developing my Empathy,” Harry, getting a smile from Sirius and a confused look from Neville. 

“What’s Empathy?”

“It’s a rare form of magic, usually from the Black line, that allows the person to see different types of magic, as well as creatures. I’m still a beginner, but if I become efficient with it, I might be able to tell who is a werewolf or vampire,” Harry explained.

“Wow, that’s some talent; the Ministry would pay thousands of Galleons for that gift,” Nevile gasped.

“It’s quite rare and a secret Family gift,” Sirius told the boy.

“I won’t say anything,” Neville promised.

“Now, Remus told me you’ve been doing well with your Duelling, so I want to see you Duel,”

“Now?” Harry asked as Sirius led the two teens downstairs to the Duelling chamber. When they reached the large room, Remu and Draco were already there.

“I want to see you duel Draco.” The boy in question was already stretching, wearing baggy trousers and a tee-shirt. Draco knew he looked like a mundane (As Harry called them), but he found the clothing quite comfortable. Harry looked to Neville who shrugged, before taking off his outer robes. He had been wearing comfortable clothing today. Neville came up beside Remus and Sirius as the pair powered up the shield charm for spectators.

“I want you to use all that you’ve learnt, but I want a clean match,” Remus stated. “Are you ready?”

“Yep,” Harry returned.

“Ready to take him down.”

“You’ve been watching far too much mundane TV shows,” Harry grinned.

“1,2,3 go,” Remus cried.

Expelliarmus,” Harry shouted first, aiming his wand true.

Protego,” Draco returned, almost lazily calling up his shield, causing the disarming charm to rebound off the shield and disappear above them. “Rictusempra.”

“Shit,” Harry swore before diving out the way, not bringing his own shield up.

Reducto,” Draco cried out, barely missing Harry by inches.

“This is very serious,” Neville stated, nervous for his friend.

“After Harry’s time in the Graveyard before the summer, we decided the pair needed to practise real-life situations,” Remus patiently explained to the Longbottom heir.

Nebulus,” Harry shouted as a swirling fog began to hide the boy from view. Now Neville could not see either boy as the fog was contained to the duelling area.

Ventus,” came Draco’s voice, causing a powerful wind to push away the fog, nearly causing Harry to go over. Draco smirked before flourishing his wand at the other teen. Abruptly Harry was being dangled upside down by his ankles. He remembered this spell from the memories. Snape must be teaching the Slytherin’s a thing or two.

“That’s Levicorpus, a non-verbal spell,” Remus explained.

“Draco must be pretty strong to be able to do that non-verbally,” Neville commented.

“Both the teens are quite magically talented, though I don’t think they will ever be as strong as Dumbledore or Voldemort,” Sirius added his two pence worth. Seconds later, Harry came crashing down, lying in a heap on the floor.

“Ah, the Liberacorpus, the countercurse.”

“I yield,” Harry grumbled as Draco moved towards him threateningly.

“About time I finally knocked you on your butt,” Draco laughed as he went over to help the brunette up, about the same time a chime went off.

“Ah, that would be my surprise,” Sirius told them, setting off for the parlour.

“I know it wasn’t a long battle, but go and have a quick shower, then meet us in the dining room,” Remus told them, followed by Neville.

Ten minutes later, Harry and Draco entered the dining room to find Sirius, Narcissa, Neville and a tall woman.

“Harry, Draco, I would like you to meet Lady Selwyn,” Sirius introduced the pair to the woman. As an equal in standing to the House of Black, Harry gave her a nod and kissed her hand. Draco did the same; she nodded her head slightly at the two heirs.

“It is a pleasure to meet you both; I have heard lots about you, especially you young Master Black,” Madam Selwyn spoke in a rich tone. Then Harry noticed some shallow wooden boxes with dividers in them. Unfortunately, they were covered over with white clothes.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked.

“We have heard from Regent Longbottom that Neville requires a new wand that is more suited to his talents. So it was suggested Draco and yourself got yourself a second wand, perhaps one that does not have the trace on it.” Narciss nodded her head in agreement.

“That sounds great,” Neville was the first to speak up, getting a nod from Draco and Harry in the process.

“So we can proceed?” Sirius asked the three boys, who nodded. Sirius nodded at the witch, who looked at them all in turn.

“You, Heir Longbottom, will go first,” Madam Selwyn directed the boy in front of the various artefacts. She pulled the cloth away to reveal a selection of woods on the left and multiple types of cores on the right. “Put out your hand, stop when it begins to feel warm.”

Neville looked nervously at the witch before stepping up to the table; he closed his eyes, putting out his hand. He began to move his hand over the wood until he stopped over a light coloured piece of wood.

“Ah, relatively uncommon, Willow, but it will suit you,” she moved him over slightly, so he didn’t open his eyes, then began the same process again. A couple of minutes later, he hovered above several grey hairs, “Now this is a surprise, the Greyling Bear; Gentle but incredibly strong. It suits you, Master Longbottom,”

“Thank you,” the teen replied shyly, allowing Draco to step up to the table. He grinned at the other two teens and closed his eyes, placing his hand before him. Like Neville before him, he slowly began to ‘walk’ through the woods. Narcissa expected him to once again pick out Hawthorne. But she noticed he went straight past that, stopping on dark brown wood.

“Very unusual indeed, the Silver Limewood. You will have a gift for Seeing or Leglomency,” Madam Selwyn proclaimed, then nudged the boy to continue searching for its core. It felt to Harry that it took forever for Draco to stop, but stop, he did on some white material. “Ah, the spine of the White River Monster, you certainly do have an elegance about you.”

“Your turn, Black,” Draco shoved the brunette forward, who looked over each of the artefacts with trepidation.

“These aren’t your standard materials, are they?” the teen asked.

“I am not Ollivander; I work with more specialist material. That is why Duke Black has called me here. I can already see your friends are going to be forces to be reckoned with, but we already know you are powerful.”

“Go on, Harry.” Neville urged his new brother. Harry closed his eyes, trying to practice his Occlumency, breathing in and out evenly. Placing his hand above the wood, he began to move, feeling slightly chilled as his arm moved, left to right. Then a sudden warmth blossomed up his arm, making him stop. He heard a slight gasp from somewhere.

“Applewood, my Master Black, you have some high aims and ideal,” Selwyn explained.

“Saving-people,” Draco coughed, no doubting earning a glare from his mother. He felt another touch, so he began again, moving his hand over the other side. He felt like he was going through the artefacts until he suddenly heard parseltongue slip through his mind, like a musical instrument.

“Wow!” Neville muttered, so Harry opened his eyes to find a horn that seemed almost worn and frail. 

“The horn of a basilisk, as far as I’m aware, the last person to have this core was Salazar Slytherin.”

“Another reason to be called a freak,” Harry muttered.

“My only issue is that this is the only Basilisk horn I have; it may not marry well with the Applewood because it is so old,” Selwyn told them, disappointed.

“I may know where you could get some fresh Basilisk Horn,” Harry voiced his thoughts, making the others look at him strangely. He then went on to tell them about his adventure in the Chamber of Secrets and killing the Basilisk.

“It may have decayed; it depends on how cold it is down there,” Selwyn said. “You realise that this could be worth millions. The basilisk parts used today are over a thousand years old. If you were to harvest the Basilisk, you’d get millions for it.”

“Well, I don’t need much more money,” Harry shrugged.

“We’ll contact the Goblins; they may be able to sort out a deal and possibly extract the beast as well,” Sirius suggested.

“You’ll still need me to get into the Chamber of Secrets.”

“Hmm, I’ll consider that when I speak to the Goblins,” Sirius was unsure about letting the teen go down there again, especially after what he had just been told. “How long before you can finish the wands?”

“Once I have the Basilisk horn, perhaps two weeks,” Selwyn answered, “Would you like me to whittle your own wands to match?”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“Well, Master Longbottom doesn’t have a suitable wand, but you already own a wand; Master Malfoy has Hawthorn with unicorn hair core. Master Black, yours is Holly with a phoenix core,” Selwyn surprised them with her knowledge of their wands. “Creating a wand is about letting the magic guide you; often, I find that wands have shapes and even animals on them.”

“Wow, that’s amazing,”

“Could you do that here? I would rather not see Harry’s wand in another’s hand; no offence meant,” Sirius looked over the woman.

“Yes, when I bring the wands to you, I will whittle your other wands. It does not take long as your wands are already finished,”

“Good, then I will escort you out,” Sirus thanked the woman as she tidied her artefacts away. Narcissa led the other adults out once the woman was finished, discussing local events.

“Well, that was certainly interesting,” Neville was the first one to speak.

“Yes, it was, but I don’t know if I’m going to be a seer,” Draco added.

“The day you divine the future is the day Goyle beats Hermione in a test,” Harry joked. The three boys all looked at each other and laughed.

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