Harry’s heartbeat thudded in his chest as he began to feel the icy coldness of Dementors starting to overwhelm him. But he fought it; looking at Hermione was like a ray of sunshine on a dark, gloomy day.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Six

I stared at the scene in front of me; five tall Cataii were cowering with Tobi pointing his handgun at them. He was nervous, I could just see the gun quivering slightly, but at least he had the safety off. His face looked calm though I’m pretty sure he was terrified. The soldier Cataii lay on the floor, dying, his blood oozing out of him.

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Harry floated in a sea of darkness, occasional flashes of light and conversations drifted past him as he tried to remember where he was, but nothing seemed to be working. The Boy Who Lived did not know how long he was in the dark place before it seemed to grow lighter as the pain began to emanate from his thigh. He cried out loud.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Five

The smell was absolutely terrible, we were in the sewers of London, and I was almost gagging with the awful smell. I looked back at my ‘crew’; Tobi, looking younger than I had ever seen him before; Noah, appearing to be silent yet determined and Finn Harris, his head nearly touching the roof of the circular sewer.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Four

Three days after the fight, I was sat in my office going over a bit of paperwork when there was a knock at my door.
“Come in,” I shouted, looking to see who entered. The door opened to reveal Noah was poking his head through the door. He entered almost timidly with a folder in his hand.
“You available?” He asked, reverting back to how he used to be when we first came into the Mountain.
“Actually, yes, come on in,” I told him, stretching my limbs. I made my way over to the comfortable sofas and offered him a seat, “So you lost the bet?”

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Thursday had been dismal all day, though more some than others as the ‘dark’ Slytherins were glaring at Draco. The blond had received a message from his father as the Daily Prophet had proclaimed the dissolution of his marriage and losing his Heir.

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Good evening, Mister Black,” Umbridge spoke, her girlish voice sickly sweet as Harry entered the Defence against the Dark Arts room. He gritted his teeth after being threatened earlier by Andi, with Narcissa Black talking to him. He would be on his best behaviour.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Two

Dawn’s early light found our group pulling into Ravenscroft farm. On the boundary of the farm, Larry was settled on one of the dirt bikes. He led us in, directing two of the trucks into a huge barn. The third was hidden under a tarp once everyone was out, and the last vehicle, ours, was hidden under an awning in case anything came overhead. Larry directed all the children we had rescued into the second barn that had been converted into a dorm. I left the team to get them settled as Larry took me across to the main house with Noah.

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