Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Interview

Extracts from:

The Hero who Saved us, by Myke Davis

Today I’m sat here with Admiral Alexander Walker-Greyson as he retires from service after nearly thirty-five years. He became an unlikely hero at age fifteen when the world was invaded by the Cataii. Admiral Walker-Greyson’s father and the military created Project OPGrowth, children from eleven to sixteen who would be the hope of the future should an emergency befall the world. However, Earth was invaded far sooner than the British military expected. He took command of Fort Walker and provided sanctuary in a period of darkness. Admiral Walker-Greyson went on to win the war when he infiltrated the Alien Harvester.

At age fifty, the man looks fit and healthy except for the burn scars he has on his face from an explosion during the escape from the Harvester.

MD: Hello, Admiral; thank you for being interviewed today. How do you feel about retiring today?

AWG- It feels kind of awkward; I never expected to be in the military, let alone for thirty-five years.

MD: What’s next for you?

AWG: Spending time with my family, with my husband, children and Grandchildren. Our youngest is just about to graduate from university.

MD: You’ve been married for thirty years; your husband is also one of the heroes of the Alien ship, correct?

AWG: Yes, Noah Walker-Greyson was in the first twenty to arrive at Fort Walker.

MD: Let’s go back to the day you infiltrated the Alien spacecraft. On the team were you, your future husband, Tech Billionaire Tobias Callaghan-Walker and Finley Harris. We’ve all heard about how you rescued the supernatural kids, but you were wounded?

AWG (Shifts awkwardly in his chair): Yes, I told the rest of my team to go on ahead. Wesley, a boy with healing abilities, was severely injured, so I tried to get him out. The pair of us reached the last turning back to the escape ship when we were pinned down-

MD: You decided to throw grenades at your enemy to give your team time to escape.

AWG: Yes, I did not think I would escape, but I passed out when the grenades exploded. So the next part, I only know second hand.

MD: Finn, Tobias and Kobe Fletcher came back to rescue you, correct?

AWG: Despite my orders, yes, they came back, saving mine and Wesley’s life. However, one of the Aliens had survived and was able to get a shot off. I was later told Finn was killed almost instantly. Kobe killed the Alien, and they were able to retrieve Finn’s body for burial.

MD: How were you able to survive the blast?

AWG: Little Wesley’s healing abilities, while his body was attempting to heal his own body, he healed me, but not all of me. I still spent many hours in surgery by government doctors and several months of healing.

MD: So your second, Mackenzie Johnson, took charge of the Government Liaison?

AWG: Yes, she did a better job than I could ever do. That’s why she became the youngest ever Prime Minister at eighteen and lasted fifteen years as Prime Minister; she was incredibly popular.

MD: Our reader’s want to know about Tobias Callaghan-Walker. It was reported he had a crush on you once.

AWG (Blushing): Yes, Tobi was massively jealous of Noah when we first started dating, but he still bagged himself a Walker (laughing).

MD: Were you surprised when your brother came out as Gay and that Tobi was his boyfriend? 

AWG: Very surprised; I expected Matty to end up with one of the girls from the Mountain.

MD: Now, tell us what happened in 2032……

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