Sunday Short:The Ferry

Power Vibrated Beneath my Feet as the anticipation grew, water foamed as the engines roared into life. I looked around first to the couple with the blond-haired child staring across the harbour and then to the older black-and-grey peppered hair man with his wife examining a map perhaps to find their next location. Feeling the heat bare down on me, I pulled my LA Dodgers cap off and swept my forearm across my head, getting rid of the sweat, which was when I noticed the eastern man possibly of Chinese descent checking and then rechecking his bus timetable.

The eagerness had all but grown to a crescendo; drumming in my ears could only be my heart, almost drowning out the tannoy system, as the blood raced around my body in the excitement of the moment.

Then that instant I had been waiting for was here, and I sighed in disappointment. There was no fanfare nor the stronger rumblings of the engine, only the smooth manoeuvring of the ferry and a slight picking up of the wind as crowds flooded onto the Observation Deck to witness the minute I had hoped for and been frustrated by. In my heart, I felt let down, saddened and if I had been in a comic, thwarted by an evil mastermind.

But like the wind growing, my heart began to sore as I recalled the words of people who had visited the South Island that I would lay my eyes upon sheer spectacle after stunning beauty, so I was content to leave the disappointing exit of the North Island behind.

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