Harry longed to bite the man . . . but he must master the impulse. . .. He had more important work to do. . ..

But the man was stirring . . . a silvery cloak fell from his legs as he jumped to his feet. Harry saw his vibrant, blurred outline towering above him, saw a wand withdrawn from a belt. . .. He had no choice. . .. He reared high from the floor and struck once, twice, three times, plunging his fangs deeply into the man’s flesh, feeling his ribs splinter beneath his jaws, feeling the warm gush of Blood. . .. The man was yelling in pain . . . then the man fell silent. . .. He slumped back against the wall. . .. Blood was splattering onto the floor. . .. His forehead hurt terribly. . .. It was aching fit to burst. . ..

“Harry! HARRY!” He opened his eyes. Every inch of his body was covered in icy sweat; his bedcovers were twisted all around him like a straitjacket; he felt as though a white-hot poker was being applied to his forehead.

“Harry!” He opened his eyes to find Hermione above him looking concerned, but his vision blurred. The pain seemed to get worse, then he was vomiting over the side of the four-poster bed.

“He looks really sick,” a small voice said. Harry realised through the pain it was probably his brother. Moments later, this was confirmed.

“Ceph, go wake up Remus and Sirius,” Harry heard Draco tell the boy. Abruptly he felt something cool on his forehead. Hermione was dabbing him with a washcloth.

“What’s going on here?” Sirius’ voice came from the doorway to his room.

“We heard Harry screaming so raced in here, he had blood on his forehead and was thrashing about,” Hermione reported. Harry swallowed, trying to wet his mouth.

“Contact…Order of Phoenix…. Arthur Weasley….Bitten by snake….Ministry of Magic,” Harry just barely got out.

“Damn him!” Sirius banged the door making all the teens jump, “Remus, send a Patronus to Dumbledore. Arthur Weasley is in trouble at the Ministry.”

“All right,” Narcissa slipped past Remus, gently touching the man on his way out. The woman put a glass of water on Harry’s bedside table and helped him sit up in bed. Hermione offered the dark-haired teen his glasses, then Narcissa offered him the glass of water.

“Small sips only,” she gently chided him as he took a massive gulp. Harry had not had a mother figure except Molly Weasley, but as Narcissa combed his sweaty hair, he thought this was what having a mother felt like. Since the middle of summer, she had almost become like a mother to him, and he found that he felt very fond of Draco’s mum. Draco and Harry had become like siblings themselves. He felt pressure at his side, realising Hermione was holding him.

“Are you up for talking?” Sirius asked. The boy nodded, taking another drink of water as Narcissa soothed him.

“I dreamt I was in the Ministry to start with, at my trial, but I was being judged by Fudge, Umbridge, Dumbledore and Voldemort,” Harry exclaimed, recounting his dream to the assembled group. “Then the dream shifted, and I was a snake, or at least I thought I was a snake. I was outside the Department of Mysteries when I found Arthur Weasley asleep, he woke up, so I attacked him.”

“I knew he wouldn’t stop,” Sirius mumbled.

“What are you going on about?” Draco asked.

“Before the incident with the Dementors, the Order of Phoenix had several ‘goals’,” Sirius explained, “protecting Harry was one of them; the other was protecting something in the Department of Mysteries. So, I told Dumbledore many times the DoM was safe, that a guard was not needed.”

“But he did not listen to you,” Harry suggested.

“Obviously not,” Sirius replied straight-faced. Harry heard Cepheus giggle at his father; it was nice to listen to the boy laughing after two months of sadness.

“I wonder-“ Draco started but was cut off by Remus entering the room.

“They got to Arthur in time; he is alive and heading to St Mungo’s Hospital,” Remus told them all to a relieved sigh, “but Headmaster Dumbledore wants Harry to come to Hogwarts to explain his dream and how he was feeling.”

“How does he know that?” Sirius asked.

“After I sent him a Patronus, he contacted you via the Floo network. I told him it was Harry that had warned us, but he seemed to already know.”

“As much as I hate sending Harry anywhere right now, I think we had better go,” Narcissa suggested, “You and I can take him.”

“I am going with you!” Hermione proclaimed, daring anyone to argue, “Harry needs my support and will tell me everything anyway.”

“All right,” Sirius agreed and transfigured her bed clothing into some jeans and a jumper. She quickly ran to grab some shoes and socks while Narcissa did the same for Harry. She also performed some freshening up charms. He looked at her, thankfully getting a smile in return. “Remus, can you stay here with Ceph and Draco?”

“I want to come with you,” Ceph said.

“You should stay here, bud; I do not want you near Dumbledore if I can help it,” Sirius told him, hugging his youngest son. Draco looked like he wanted to say something, but catching his mothers’ eye, he turned to Ceph.

“Come on, I’ll take you back to bed and tell you about the time Harry caught the Snitch with his mouth,” Draco led the youngster out the door as he grinned at Harry. Hermione returned, so the four made their way to the Lord’s Study.

“Headmaster’s office, Hogwarts,” Sirius called out, throwing his Floo powder into the fire. Hermione followed him, then Harry. Narcissa was just stepping out elegantly when Professor McGonagall arrived with the Weasley twins and the two youngest Weasley’s.

“Really, there was no need for Miss Granger and Miss Black to come,” Professor Dumbledore was saying when the Head of Gryffindor House arrived.

“What’s happened?” Ginny Weasley was the first to say something; even though she had been receiving Mind Healing, she still harboured feelings for Harry. Hermione took hold of Harry’s hand, showing the Weasleys they were together. Ron’s face went bright red as he began to splutter.

“Had to take what was mine? She belonged to me!” Ron told his former friend angrily.

“Ronald Weasley! You will keep your voice down. We are here because your father was attacked tonight; I am escorting you to St Mungo’s,” Professor McGonagall snapped.

“I bet it was HIS fault. He has always been jealous of how popular and good looking I am.” Harry could not believe the hypocritical crap that was coming out of the redhead’s mouth.

“You are lucky to be walking free and not in a prison cell,” Harry told the redhead, who glared at the boy. Harry got a nudge from his father and a look that told him to be quiet.

“Master Weasley, silence yourself! I would suggest going to see your father, I let my son talk me out of speaking to Lord Weasley, but I think it is time we had a chat,” Sirius barked, silencing the teen. The twins grabbed either side of their younger brother, hauling him off before he could do any more damage to the Weasley family. Ginny gave the other teen girl a glare before following her brothers through to St Mungo’s. The Deputy nodded to Sirius, going with the fiery redheads.

Albus Brian Wulfric Percival Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Order of Merlin recipient (1st Class), sat in his chair studying the group of four like they were something new that he had not come across. He knew his plan had backfired; Miss Granger holding hands and being here was a testament to that.

“Miss Granger was not given permission to leave Hogwarts grounds over the Yule,” Dumbledore’s stern grandfatherly voice made Harry stiffen. He knew his dad would say something, so he gestured for him to be quiet. He wanted to handle the elderly headmaster.

“Professor Dumbledore, I was assured her guardian gave Miss Granger permission to leave the school.”

“I am her guardian,” the headmaster argued.

“You must have misplaced the papers, Headmaster, but Andromeda Tonks was awarded custody of Miss Granger as she is the betrothed to the Heir of my House,” Narcissa spoke up with steel in her voice. You could almost see the ice in the air as Narcissa tried to freeze the old man with just her eyes.

“I must be mistaken then,” Dumbledore replied before turning to Hermione, “Surely dear, you would feel better returning to Master Weasley, as he has your best interest at heart, and he will be having a traumatic few weeks with his fathers’ injuries.”

Protego,” Harry called out, one of his wands in his hand as he tightened his grip on Hermione. “I do not appreciate you trying to charm my beloved, especially after everything you have done to our family.”

“I was merely suggesting,” Dumbledore backed off, knowing not to push the young man.

“You asked my son here for a reason; what do you want?” Sirius asked, stepping in. He could see Harry was practically vibrating with anger.

“Can you tell me about your dream?” the headmaster asked as Sirius noticed a slight movement. Using his dog senses, he realised Severus Snape was in the room, but he would not give them the satisfaction of telling them he knew.

“I was in the Ministry of Magic-“ Harry began repeating his dream to the headmaster though this time it was told very clinically. Hermione squeezed his hand when he got to the part about attacking Arthur Weasley.

“This is very troubling; indeed, it seems you have a connection to Voldemort. So, after Christmas, I want you to start Occlumency with Professor Snape!” Dumbledore all but ordered. Severus Snape stepped out of the shadows; Harry glared at him but did not acknowledge the man.

“It will be-“ Snape started to say.

“No!” Harry empathically said, his eyes blazing. “I told you at the beginning of the year, I already knew Occlumency.”

“I have been teaching him during the summer and on Saturdays,” Narcissa offered.

“Obviously not well,” Snape muttered, getting a glare from Sirius.

“You will not let my son go anywhere near that Death Eater, except for lessons,” the Black Lord told the headmaster in no uncertain terms.

“Come now, Sirius, surely you can see Harry would be in danger without the lessons,” Dumbledore tied to act friendly with the man, “He needs more lessons if tonight is anything to go by.”

“I was tired. I had an emotional few days,” Harry explained, having spent the time worried about his sick fiancée. He had thought that Dumbledore might be interfering again.  “What was Mr Weasley guarding?”

“Excuse me?” Dumbledore blinked at the sudden change of subject.

“Mr Weasley was obviously guarding something; Sirius told us you had the Order of the Phoenix guarding something in the summer beside me,” Harry once again threw the headmaster off-guard. Dumbledore gave the boys’ father a disapproving look.

“That is between me and the Order,” Dumbledore replied sternly, his eyes now cold.

“Fine, then count me out of this war. But, father, can you start enquiring with Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or Beauxbatons Academy of Magic?” Harry asked. He was fed up with the way Dumbledore was playing him, so he needed more time before he could speak to Amelia Bones.

“I think Draco would be interested in joining you; I’m sure Andromeda would approve of Hermione coming,” Narcissa was not sure what game Harry was playing, but she turned the screws even tighter. She knew if Hogwarts lost Harry Black, other parents would consider sending their families elsewhere.

“It was a Prophecy,” Dumbledore stumbled, suddenly panicked at the loss of Harry; if the boy went abroad, he might never get back the Potter coffers. “There was a prophecy spoken about Voldemort, but I cannot tell you what it says. Only that Voldemort is after it.”

“Thank you, now I’m exhausted. I want to go to bed; I will see you in January,” Harry led Hermione over to the fireplace and disappeared. Narcissa stopped at the fireplace when she realised Sirius had not moved. He stared at the headmaster, knowing his ring would likely block any invasions of his mind.

“I’m warning you, Albus, if you or your pet bat mess with my children or Hermione again, I will see you thrown in the deepest, darkest hole I can find,” Sirius threatened, then followed his cousin through the fireplace. When he got back, Harry and Hermione had already left, probably heading up to bed.

“We will speak tomorrow,” Narcissa suggested before leaving the man alone in his study.

Hermione led Harry up to his bedroom after they returned from Hogwarts. The lamps were already off in Ceph’s and Draco’s room as they passed.

Finite Incantatem!” she waved her wand so that her and Harry’s clothes resumed their original life as pyjamas. “Are you alright?”

“That man is an interfering old bugger,” Harry replied as he climbed back into bed. However, he was silenced from his following comment as Hermione slipped her shoes off and slipped under the bedclothes. “Erm, Hermione, what are you doing?”

“Well, we’re supposed to be betrothed, aren’t we? So, when we return to Hogwarts, I want to join you in the married suites,” Hermione replied so matter-of-factly, Harry could not argue.

“Erm, OK,” he gulped as she turned her back to him. He gingerly scooted closer to her. Hermione grabbed his hand and pulled it around her body. “I’m sorry for any, erm, morning issues I might have.”

“You’re a teenage boy, it’s expected,” She giggled as she closed her eyes.                    

“How are you feeling, Arthur?” Molly Weasley asked sweetly, stroking her husband’s hair, trying to hide the anger she felt.  Though the attack had been unexpected, she thought it was a miracle. When Headmaster Dumbledore had informed her, Molly had hoped that Arthur had been killed, but he was too stupid to even die. She had never even heard the word divorce.

“I am fine, just a little injured,” Arthur gave the woman a grin, though he knew what she was thinking. Arthur was not as stupid as he appeared. First, however, he had to play along until Bill had finished his investigations.

“Good, then I will go let the children know,” Molly kissed his forehead and left, walking to the room that had been put aside for their family at St Mungo’s. When she walked in, all the children except Charlie and Percy were there. Her eldest Bill, the new Lord Weasley, had his arm around that French strumpet.

“How is he?” Bill asked his face a picture of concern. Molly fixed her face.

“He will be fine, dear, nothing that a little bed rest can help heal,” She gave her best motherly smile.

“What was he doing at the Ministry at this late hour?” Bill narrowed his eyes as he examined his own mother.

“That is between Arthur and Albus Dumbledore; the man obviously respects your father,” she smiled at the thought of the headmaster; he had helped them a lot over the years and would see them return to power. But, nevertheless, she was angry that Bill had taken the Weasley chair. She had hoped to install Percy or Ron in the Weasley Chair.

“I will need to speak to him; I received an official summons by the Duke of Anglia last night. After Ronald’s near-rape of Miss Granger, I have been trying to do damage control before the Trial commences and Ronald gets life in Azkaban,” Bill told the woman, gaging her reaction. Anger flared in her eyes before it was quickly hidden by motherly concern.

“It was not rape. The young lady came onto our Ronald,” she played innocently.

“Ronald has been interfering with the Black family line,” Billy bit back.

“What family line?” Molly snarled, losing her coolness, “Harry is betrothed to Ginevra,”

“Hermione was mine; she deserved to be with me, not that so-called hero,” Ron butted in angrily.

“Lord Rendlesham IS betrothed to Miss Granger. You will be lucky if Black does not ask for some serious repercussions for this,” Bill replied angrily, standing up to his full height. “We will have to see what happens at the Trial, but His Grace could ask for your life at the Wizengamot.”

“We will fight him; I know the law. There is a magically binding contract that connects Harry to Ginevra,” Molly responded with venom.

“If I find you had anything to do with this, mother, there will be some serious consequences,” Bill told her sternly. He took Fleur by the arm and left the room, followed quickly by the twins leaving Molly with her two youngest children.

Harry woke up considerably more comfortable than he had last night. He was hugging someone; the warmth emanating off them felt just right. Harry realised he had been stroking soft skin with his fingers. As his senses returned, he realised he was in the very predicament he had warned about. Gently pulling away, the dark-haired teen kissed Hermione lightly before leaving a giggled girl behind as he entered the toilet. Hermione felt a little flustered herself but had loved having his body wrapped around hers. She went to her own room, not seeing anyone on the way.

Ten minutes later, Harry stepped into the Breakfast room where they ate any informal meals to find Cepheus, Draco, and Narcissa were already down there.

“Are you feeling better this morning?” Draco watched his cousin blush; there was a story behind that.

“Much better, thank you,” Harry answered, looking at Narcissa. She was positively glowing. The blonde had finally disappeared, so she had returned to her natural dark looks; her face was a lot softer than it had been when he met her at the Quidditch World cup.

“Listen, before Hermione comes down, I would like you to know that Remus and I, well, we are seeing each other,” Narcissa announced.

“Congratulations, how did you get the old mutt to finally give in?” Harry asked as Draco was frowning at his mother.

“I converted him during the summer, but we wanted to wait until Christmas to make sure we were happy,” Narcissa explained as Remus came through the door. He looked around the room at the bright grins.

“I hope you were not calling your father a mutt,” Remus said, giving Narcissa a kiss on the cheek. Draco’s frown deepened.

“Nope, only calling you a mutt,” Harry answered brightly, getting a swipe around the head.

“Draco, honey, we have got some more news,” Narcissa announced as Remus took a seat next to her; he took the woman’s hand in his. The former Malfoy flattened her robes around her body, showing off the baby bump, “I’m five months pregnant; you are going to have a little brother.”

“Congratulations, so are you planning on getting married?” Harry asked as Hermione entered the room. To Harry’s eyes, Hermione looked beautiful. She was wearing jeans and a white jumper, but her hair was fly-away as always.

“Oh, you told them about being pregnant,” Hermione smiled, offering her own congratulations to Remus.

“How did you know?” Draco demanded.

“I noticed last night how your mother was glowing. That is the only reason I could think of,” Hermione answered as she took a seat next to Harry.

“We are having a little boy,” Remus touched Narcissa’s belly. All the teens could see the pair were clearly in love with each other.

“How do you know it is a boy? Does your mummy-sense tell you that?” Harry asked, getting a laugh from a few people in the room.

“Oh, Harry, there is a spell that you can perform. The healers say the boy is happy and healthy,” Narcissa wiped a tear away from her face.

“Does that mean I have to call you, dad?” Draco growled. Harry knew he was simply posturing. The three of them had talked about Narcissa and Remus getting together since their return to Hogwarts.

“Not if you don’t want to; Lucius is still your father.”

“Good,” Draco settled into eating his eggs, though he was secretly happy for his mum.

“Have you thought up any names yet?” Hermione asked.

“I am still waiting to hear when the wedding is going to be?” Harry demanded at the same time.

“We’ve thought of a few names, we like-“Remus was interrupted by the arrival of Sirius and Amelia, who had been staying the night before.

“Sirius, that is what they are naming the child. After the most handsome Black,” Harry’s dad posed until he got a smack round the head from Amelia.

“We were hoping you would be godfather,” Narcissa said, looking at Harry, “You are all but family anyway, you’ve become like another son, and I know you and Draco are like brothers, no matter how odd that might have seemed eight months ago.”

“Pfft, he is a prat!” Draco screwed his face up at his mother’s suggestion though Harry could see the laughter in his eyes.

“Who would have thought I would be brothers with a jerk like him,” Harry lamented, getting his own smack round the head. The adults all laughed at him; Ceph just laughed at Hermione smacking him; he did not understand some of the rest of it.

“How are you feeling about last night?” Sirius asked gravely. The mood instantly sobered up.

“I am fine, but I am worried about Professor Dumbledore; he tried to charm Hermione again,” Harry got a loving glance from Hermione.

“Yes, how did you know that he was about charm Hermione last night?” Sirius looked at his son curiously.

“I felt it,” Harry responded, then told the ones not there what had happened during their meeting with the headmaster. “I was not completely bluffing when I said can we look into Ilvermorny or Beauxbatons.”

“You want to move schools?” Hermione asked him.

“I am so fed up with this war, but I am the most scared that Dumbledore will do something to you,” Harry told her honestly.

“As much as I agree with you about leaving, you are the third party in this war. Some people do not want to join Voldemort, but they are equally bothered about joining the Great Leader of the Light,” Sirius told him, sarcastically speaking Dumbledore’s title. “We have got a duty to those that have become allied to us; I spent a lot of time with the neutrals last night. We have got several that have officially allied to us, to you, they see you as a leader to follow. Remus and Narcissa’s lessons were not just about becoming the perfect first-gen,”

“I thought something was up when Remus would go on about battlefields and what strategy I would take,” Harry suggested easing the tension from the room. 

“We had a bit of a talk with the Selwyn’s last night about a possible alliance, but they were more interested in speaking to you,” Sirius looked at his son, who appeared alarmed.

“What do you mean they want to talk to me? I do not know any of them,” Harry told the group.

“It seems their youngest daughter has been discussing you, her elder sister is at Durmstrang, but they are considering transferring her to Hogwarts,” Sirius replied.

“If Dumbledore does not try to stop the move,” Harry said darkly, still upset about the meeting during the night.

“I think it is time I approached Minister Fudge with an arrest warrant for Dumbledore,” Amelia suggested. “He really is dangerous.”

“I thought you were the director of the DMLE; surely you can issue Arrest Warrants?” Hermione asked the woman she admired.

“Generally, yes, but Albus Dumbledore is such a powerful figure. It needs the Minister’s signature on it so that everything is above board,” Amelia explained.

“Oh, I see. I am sure Minister Fudge will agree,” Hermione said, getting an almost evil smile from the woman.

“Let us just say I have information. I’m sure he won’t want to get to the public.” Breakfast was quickly finished as the topic of conversation turned to lighter things. As Hermione and Harry went off to the library, Amelia grabbed her robes, kissing Sirius goodbye before stepping through the fireplace to the Ministry of Magic.

Amelia Bones, regent to the Bones family, was not a woman to be trifled with. She had worked hard to get to the position she was in. She had no allusions to becoming Minister of Magic but had always wanted to work in Law Enforcement. As she entered the Aurors office, many Aurors nodded to her, respectively. She asked for Proudfoot, Shacklebolt and Scrimgeour. They soon followed her into the Director’s office. Closing the door behind them. She immediately looked at Kingsley Shacklebolt.

“Where do your loyalties lie?” she asked.

“Excuse me?” he blinked owlishly at her.

“I know that you and the late Nymphadora were part of Dumbledore’s bird club, so I will ask again, are you loyal to the Ministry or Albus Dumbledore? Think about it carefully because your answer will define whether you have a job or not in the next half hour,” Amelia promised. Kingsley was gobsmacked; Amelia had surprised him with the knowledge that she knew he was part of the Order of the Phoenix.

“My loyalty has always been to truth and the Light,” Kingsley answered.

“Then you’ll immediately resign from the Order of the Phoenix and give me your oath to only work for the Aurors,” Amelia demanded. Proudfoot and Scrimgeour just watched her and Kingsley. The bald man nodded and offered his oath up to his boss.

“Now we got that paperwork out of the way; what’s going on?” Rufus’ face did not reveal what he thought about one of his Aurors being a ‘double agent’.

“After I have spoken to you, I am going to Minister Fudge to get him to sign off on an Arrest Warrant for Albus Dumbledore.” The three reactions were completely different; Rufus’ face was closed off, Shackleolt was shocked, and even Proudfoot was stunned.

“Excuse me? I thought you said you were going to arrest Albus Dumbledore,” Caleb Proudfoot looked at his boss as though she had gone mad.

“I’ve got charges of Child abandonment, illegal Obliviations, illegal charms, illegal potions, Heir tampering with and stealing money,” Bones went over the list before handing out a file each to the three men. “I want you to go over the files as you’ll be coming with me. I shall be back soon after I’ve spoken to Minister Fudge.”

Amelia left the trio to go over the folder as she left with a single piece of parchment, marching straight through the Ministry to the Minister’s office. Percy Weasley was sat outside at the reception desk.

“Mr Weasley, I want to speak to the Minister,” she demanded. The redhead gulped, looking down at the diary.

“He has some free time tomorrow,” the man suggested.

“Not good enough, I need it now,” Amelia took a seat, waiting for the Minister to finish his latest meeting, which he did so ten minutes later. He seemed all smiles as he bid his visitor goodbye. Then he saw Amelia; his smile waned.

“Have you been there long?”

“Not long, but I need a moment of your time.” Whether he saw the serious look on her face or knew she would never give up, he had ‘Wetherbee’ reschedule his meetings for the next half-hour allowing the woman to enter. Once he was seated, he looked at his Director of Magical Law Enforcement.

“What can I do for you, Madam Bones?” He asked politely, hoping he would get the woman out of his office sooner.

“I want you to sign this Arrest Warrant,” Amelia explained, handing over the document. Cornelius Fudge looked over it, then jumped at the name.

“Holy Merlin’s ghost, this is for Albus Dumbledore?”

“Yes, he is a dangerous man and should be removed from his position before being put on trial,” she clarified. Immediately Fudge’s wheels began turning; this could mean that at least one of his political enemies would be indisposed. But a lot of the public looked up to the Headmaster of Hogwarts. He knew what Lucious Malfoy would want, but the man could no longer offer his coffers up to Fudge.

“Albus Dumbledore is a very powerful man; he has many people on his side,” Fudge said slowly.

“Yes, but he has endangered the life of the school and too many pure-bloods children. They may even come and thank you,” Amelia suggested slightly. Fudge might be able to get some ‘donations’ back if he played this right.

“OK, you do what you have to, and we will set a trial date once you’ve arrested the man,” Fudge agreed, signing off on the Arrest Warrant. Amelia hid her smile as the woman left the office, knowing she had got what she came for without the use of her blackmail material, which she was reluctant to use until it was needed.

Thirty minutes later, after a discussion with the Board of Governors for Hogwarts, she was stood on the edge of the wards to the school as she met up with Marchbanks and a couple of her colleagues. All three of Amelia’s Aurors had joined her for this. Without speaking, the Director of the DMLE marched up to the school. The woman understood it was lunchtime, and most of the students had stayed for the winter holidays, well, those fourth year and above. Amelia wanted to handle this delicately, so she took Rufus and Caleb to wait outside the headmaster’s office with the Board of Governors. She sent Kingsley to summon the senior teachers of Hogwarts.

The headmaster had no idea what was coming; the Prophet had announced the attack on a Ministry worker though thankfully had left out any names. However, his thoughts were on Harry Black and how to get him to return to Dumbledore’s tutelage. He felt the Wards warn him of someone’s entrance, then several minutes later, Kingsley Shacklebolt entered. He had been surprised when the mild charm he worked on the man had worked; he had been his inside man in the Aurors since Voldemort’s return.

“Kingsley, this is a pleasant surprise,” he told the man cheerfully.

“This isn’t a social call, Headmaster,” Kingsley spoke. Dumbledore could see the man appeared angry and upset about something, but he avoided the headmaster’s eyes so he couldn’t see into his mind, “I am here with Madam Bones, Director of the DMLE. She requests you and the Heads of the Houses, please meet at your office.”

“I’m sure that will be fine,” Dumbledore excused himself. All the senior teachers had heard and excused themselves to follow the Headmaster and Shacklebolt. Some of the children looked at the five teachers and strange man breaking out into gossip. Outside his office, Dumbledore was surprised to not only see the Amelia Bones but Rufus Scrimgeour, an unknown Auror and a couple of the Board of Governors.

“Please come in,” He spoke the password to Guardian, then led the group up to the office where he took a seat. The others all ranged around the office though he noted Sprout, Snape, McGonagall, and Flitwick all stood behind his desk on either side of him. “What can we do for you today?”

“Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, under the Charter of Magic and in Magic’s name you are hereby placed under arrest for Child abandonment, illegal Obliviations, illegal charms, illegal potions, Heir tampering, Line theft and theft from an Ancient and Noble House,” Amelia read out the charges before placing the Arrest Warrant on the man’s desk.

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