A/N- Once again thank you to my brilliant Editor, Night auditor. He has been such a fantastic sounding board for this project.

The Spring Equinox ritual was borrowed from Ostara 2018- The Rebirthing Ritual on The Gypsy Thread. Though parts were adapted and added to for the story line.


Daily Prophet

Jeremiah Hardwin

Trial of Ronald Weasley

The Weasley Family have been one of the most prominent Wizarding Families since before the Wizarding Council. In the late nineteenth Century, the family fell on hard times when Septimus Weasley gambled his fortune and manor away. In recent times, the eldest son, with the backing of the Black Family, took up the role of Lord Weasley.

“Are you ready to go?” Sirius asked, stepping into the room. All the teens and one pre-teen were seated in the room ready to go to this festival that Sirius had told them about. But, of course, Draco and Neville knew all about it, and Hermione had read up everything there was to know in the Black Library.

“Are you sure we will not have to get naked?” Harry asked nervously for perhaps the eighteenth time. His uncle used to mutter about weirdo pagans when they appeared on the news and how they liked to dance naked.

“Afraid you will scare the children?” Draco drawled, before joking, “Maybe they will think you are one of them.”

“You will be fine; there is no naked dancing,” Hermione reassured her fiancée as Neville hit the blond on the arm, who grinned at his friend. Who would have thought he would be friends with Longbottom and Granger? Harry nodded, slightly mollified as he smothered his hand down the white robes they had been given to wear. Next, Remus and Narcissa appeared; the woman looked absolutely radiant for being nearly nine months pregnant.

“We will meet you there,” Remus nodded to his best friend, Narcissa took his arm, and they disappeared with a pop. Sirius held out a ratty bit of newspaper, offering it up to the teens in the room. Harry, Hermione, Neville, Draco and Cepheus each laid a finger on the bit of newspaper. The older man looked at his watch, counting down silently before Harry felt the hook behind his navel, and suddenly he was whirling through a maelstrom before letting go and landing face down on some grass. Harry was not the only one as Hermione, Neville, and Cepheus joined him on the floor. He looked up to see Sirius and Draco looking dignified. The four on the floor got, and Harry had his first chance to look around.

They appeared to be in some kind of a field with hundreds of people milling around. A couple of bonfires were lit, but Harry could see what appeared to be a large earthwork mound in the dying sunlight.

“Where are we?” Hermione asked, ever the inquisitive mind.

“Arbor Low and Gib Hill, in the Peak District,” spoke a harried voice, “Now, move along; we have someone else coming behind you.”

“Rude,” Draco muttered quietly as Sirius shepherded them away from the landing zone to one of the bonfires where Remus and Narcissa joined them.

“So, what is this place?” Harry noticed a sign which described the landmarks; at the bottom was The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission that managed historic buildings and places. Remus noticed where the boy was looking and chuckled.

“That is a Mundane government agency, though we have some of our own people embedded in the organisation, they look after a lot of important historical places. Mundanes only see ruins of a Henge, very similar to Stonehenge.” Remus explained. “However, there is an actual Henge used by traditional Wizardkind for our rituals.”

“It is disdainful how they still allow muggles to roam around some of our sacred sites,” an arrogant voice spoke from behind them. They turned around to see a tall, elegant-looking man with meticulous black hair. On his arm was a woman who held her nose in the air liked she smelled something unpleasant. Surprisingly, a cowered looking Theo stood behind them.

“Geoffrey Nott, always a pleasure to see you,” Sirius stood up straighter. Harry noticed he had taken on the air of a ‘pureblood’, almost sounding smarmy. “You know my son and heir, Harry, with his betrothed Hermione. This is my other son Cepheus. And their friends, the Marquess of Grosmont, Neville and a Son of Black, Draco.”

“Yes, this is my wife Drusilla and our son Theodore,” Nott introduced his son and wife almost casually. Harry noticed Draco watching Theo, so he turned to look at the boy while his father talked business with Nott Senior. Theo was staring at the ground shuffling his feet, but Harry noticed his hand was shaking. He analysed the lanky dark-haired teen and concluded the boy had been crucio’d recently.

“We shall have to move on, but it was an absolute pleasure,” Geoffrey spoke up, every syllable dripping with poison. Then, as the Nott family left, Harry explained what he had seen and why he thought the boy had been under the Cruciatus curse. Finally, Remus, Narcissa and Sirius had to explain they could not interfere with another Lord’s business, but they would look at a possible removal of Theo if they could.

As the night wore on, Harry was surprised at how many so-called ‘dark-aligned’ people were at the festival. Sirius explained this was a sacred space where peace reigned, and fights were forbidden. He was also surprised to find the music was not all folk music, but quite a bit of modern music.

Around Midnight, they were called to the mound, where Harry found himself in a great stone circle similar to Stonehenge. Massive monolithic stone created a solid semi-circle with an altar sat in the centre of the rocks. A ring had been drawn by some kind of white powder; Remus whispered that it was salt. Harry noticed the four candles at varying points in different colours: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. In the circle’s centre was a large white candle with three wicks, and behind that stood a woman with bare feet smiling at the crowd, her blonde hair tumbling down around her shoulders. Everyone had crammed in around the edge of the stone circle though Harry had a prime spot for viewing the ritual.

“Quiet, please let us begin as the new day begins, and a fresh dawn brings new life to the world in time for spring,” the woman spoke with a deep, fruity voice that drew Harry in and made him feel safe and warm. “Let it be called, let it be cast, this sacred circle with no present, nor past, a meeting place, a spiritual space. Join us as we call the Quarters.”

The woman looked to the East and took an incense stick and lighter to the yellow candle. “I call to the great spirits of the East, where the garden of hospitality is found-share with us the great wisdom to help determine how our purpose is meant to serve others.”

“Great Wisdom,” the crowd murmured as the woman lit the yellow candle. The woman then moved to the lower candle, a red coloured one.

“I call to the great spirits of the South where the garden of inspiration is found-share with us the man gifts of transformation through the healing powers of music, verse, and creativity.”

“Great Transformation,” the crowd intoned as the woman lit the red candle. She then moved to the left handle candle, which was coloured blue.

“I call to the great spirits of the West, where the garden of knowledge is found-share with us the skill to unlock that which already exists inside of us and also to never cease in our quest to learn,”

“Great Knowledge,” even Harry joined in this time as the woman lit the blue candle, then finally moved to the topmost candle, which was green.

“I call to the great spirits of the North, where the garden of being is found-share with us the skills and disciplines necessary to meet life’s challenges.”

“Great discipline,” the crowd intoned finally as the woman lit the green candle.

“Great Goddess, on the night of perfect balance, we call upon you to join and honour us as we gather in fellowship. Tonight, we celebrate the last sunset of winter and the first day of the spring with the understanding that all things are dependent on the turning of the great wheel,” The blonde spoke again. “Hail Great Goddess and welcome all who have gathered.”

“Hail Great Goddess,” the crowd shouted loudly into the night. Harry tried not to giggle, as this seemed like hippie-type nonsense.

“We come together once again to celebrate the turning of the great wheel and the transition from the cold of winter to the warming renewal of spring. It is a time of balance in the world and marks the time when the light grows, and the darkness shrinks. It is the dawn of new growth in the natural world,” the priestess spoke. Everyone seemed enraptured as Harry felt Hermione take his hand. “Green shoots will erupt from the once-frozen ground; the sounds of newly hatched birds and recently birthed animals fills the forests and glens; thawing ice and shifting soil give birth to new streams and rivers, and that which has been dormant now awakens to flourish once again.

Our patron Deity on this night is Eostre. She is the Celtic goddess of Spring and the Dawn. She is a fertility Goddess, and her legacy is symbolised by a hare and an egg, the former a symbol of fertility and the latter of fertile purity. She touches new life every year, including those which have chosen to be reborn. She reminds us that brighter days are on the horizon and that now is the time to embrace spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.”

She stopped for a moment as someone began a low steady beat on a drum. Harry looked at Hermione giddily, almost like he was drunk.

“Springtime means many different things to many people, but we all agree that more than anything, it symbolised rebirth and renewal. Tonight, we will open the doorway to growth by experiencing a spiritual rebirthing.” She began to sing a soft song as power seemed to well up through the crowd; Harry felt the magic as it began to grow and unfurl around everyone. He wondered if people knew they were renewing the magic of the land with these rituals, as he instinctively knew what was happening.

Today is the time of the Spring Equinox

When Light and Darkness are equal

Tomorrow, the dark will yield to the light

The Days shall grow in length

All that is green will once again be revealed

Life which has lain dormant shall flourish

All around we shall see that which is new

The earth welcomes new beginnings

Tonight, we too shall be given the opportunity

To reinvigorate that which has lain dormant

An opportunity to be reborn

A chance to step forward and grow

Harry noticed that all around, every wizard or witch had a small line of gold trailing into the earth. The priestess had a molten circle of gold at her centre with a solid bar travelling into the crowd.

“Now, there are some newcomers amongst, Children and adults wanting to be reborn with spring. Please come forth and kneel before me,” the priestess offered. Children from six to twelve were ushered forward by their parents. Then, three or four adults moved forward to kneel as Sirius nudged Harry, Hermione and Cepheus, who suddenly found themselves at the head of the line kneeling before the priestess in white. She appeared older, closer up, Harry thought as he knelt.

“Do you wish to shift your consciousness from the darkness to the light?” She asked. Silence followed for a few moments until Hermione nudged him.

“Y-yes,” Harry responded, there were a few chuckles from the surrounding crowd. Finally, the priestess sprinkled salt over his head.

“With the blessings of the earth, you are given new roots to anchor yourself as you grow,” She smiled at the crowd around him before picking something else up, “Do you wish to free yourself from the storms that seek to limit the heights you can achieve?”

“Yes,” Harry replied with more confidence. The priestess then smudges incense on his forehead.

“With the blessing of the air, the winds have cleared the path for your spirit,” the woman blessed him, then reached for a lit candle. “Do you wish to cleanse all remaining aspects of negativity in your life?”

“Yes,” Harry answered. She circled the candle above his head twice

“With the blessings of fire, all negativity is cleansed and banished, leaving you surrounded with heat, light and warmth,” She told Harry, then looked solemnly at him. “Do you wish to be reborn?”

“Yes,” Harry spoke up the loudest, his magic falling away into the ground to renew and regrow. The priestess sprinkled water from a chalice over his head.

“With the blessings of this sacred water, sourced from the deepest and most ancient wells of the world, you are given a new life and a new pathway of your own choosing,” Harry felt a slight tug in his forehead, which immediately disappeared, so he ignored it as the priestess moved on to Hermione, performing the same four questions and gestures. The priestess moved down the line doing the same ritual with everyone until once again, she was stood in the centre and began to chant.

Rise and Cast off your darkness!

A new light shines in each of you!

Your spirit has been Blessed!

All things are in perfect balance!

As it was in the beginning, so it shall be once again!

Blessed Be!

Harry felt energy flow through him as he returned to his place by his father’s side with Hermione holding his hand while his other arm around Ceph’s shoulder.

“Now we are going to close the circle,” the priestess moved to the green candle, “Great spirits of the north-we know that life will continually challenge each of us in our own way-remind us that the power to overcome exists within each of us!”

“Remind us!” the crowd chanted as she extinguished the green candle. The priestess moved towards the blue candle.

“Great spirits of the West-leave us with the seeds of knowledge planted firmly in our minds and the talent to coax them into being!”

“Stimulate us!” the crowd returned as she doused the blue candle. She then moved towards the red one.

“Great spirits of the South- as the echoes of verse and note still hangs upon the winds, leave us with wide-open avenues to grow and develop our creativity!”

“Inspire us!” Everyone shouted with glee as the woman smothered the blue candle before finally turning to the last of the coloured candles.

“Great spirits of the East- thank you for the gift of purpose so that we may never forget that the greatest good we can achieve is often through our work in helping others!”

“Encourage us!” Harry and the others all called out. The priestess doused the yellow candle before picking up the Goddess candle.

“Great Goddess, we have been blessed in so many ways; the fertile earth that awaits the new seeds; the warmth of the nurturing sun; refreshing cool, clean water; and the fellowship of those around us. Thank you for your wisdom and love. Thank you for sharing this night with us in our sacred space,” the priestess slowly extinguished the Goddess candle, then uttered, “The circle is open, but never broken!”

Huzzah,” The crowd cheered, and the whole group began to dance as the music picked up from somewhere. Harry thought everyone was a little drunk on the magic of the area as even he felt buzzed. They moved around meeting up with people around the bonfires. Finally, Sirius was talking with Cyrus Greengrass as Neville and Draco were talking to Daphne and her sister. Harry decided to experiment and closed his eyes, quickly finding that ‘something’ that helped with the Empathy. Opening his eyes, he looked around, seeing the whole site sparkling with light like early morning dew. Then red hair caught his attention, and Harry looked the group over, spotting a slimy black line emanating from one person’s arm. After seeing Snape with this, he knew it was the Dark Mark, given to Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Knocked out of his ability, he realised his best friend, Ron, had taken the Dark Mark.


“Are you positive, Lady Bones?” Bill asked, taking his eyes away from the Floo. Bill had set up his office in one of his dad’s sheds. His dad’s muggle artefacts littered the room, some broken and others gathering dust on them. A yellow duck-like thing sat in the corner.

“The evidence does not lie; we are just considering whether we will charge your mother as well,” Amelia Bones head replied from within the Floo that had been set up.

“Do what you have to, Lady Bones,” Bill replied with a sigh. As Amelia bid him goodbye, he sat back in his chair then the Floo flared back into its normal red flames. The tall redhead was not sure what to do? The old customs and traditions dictated what came next, but he had his father to consider. How did it come to this at only twenty-five? Bill heaved a sigh as he got up, stretching his lanky legs. Today was the first day of spring, so his decision seemed to be the right to make to give the Weasley family a rebirth, of sorts. The man took another deep breath before heading back into the burrow.

“Charlie, can you come down? There is a family meeting in the kitchen,” Bill called to his younger brother, who had been visiting for the Spring Equinox. Then, as his thoughts turned to Percy, who had turned from them, he shook his head.

“Family Meeting, Family meeting in the Kitchen,” Bill called out as he entered the house. Molly was already in the kitchen, and soon after, Arthur had joined them. Bill took a seat at the head of the worn farm table with his father next to him. Not long after, he heard the thundering of several pairs of feet on the stairs. Soon the tall twins, Fred and George, had joined them, followed closely by the youngest Weasley’s, Ron and Ginny. Finally, Charlie came stomping through the house, putting his broomstick at the door. He had a big grin on his weather-beaten face, and his hair was wind-swept.

“What’s this all about?” Arthur cleared his throat, concerned.

“For the longest time, our family have not followed the old traditions, and as such, we let our seat on the Wizengamot go, especially after grandfather gambled away the former Weasley fortune,” Bill began. “I have recently taken over the headship, as you know, and made some great deals with the Black Alliance.”

“Well, if you are going to boast about the Black’s, I’m out of here,” Ron drawled, scraping his chair back and getting up.

“Sit down!” Bill spoke sharply. Ron was so shocked, he immediately sat down. Molly looked scandalised at her eldest son’s behaviour. Arthur had a slight grin on his face. “In a week, Ron faces a trial over the attempted rape of Heir of Black’s betrothed- “

“That little muggle-born strumpet was leading him on; Harry deserves better,” Molly spoke up, interrupting Bill. Ginny seemed to be hiding her face as her mother clearly meant her. That changed Bill’s decision slightly.

“Be quiet, mother!” once again, Bill snapped, astonishing his mother into silence. “I have begun to make amends with the Black Family, but your behaviour was truly reprehensible, especially the use of charms and potions.”

“Dumbledore suggested it,” Ron whined.

“Well, he will have his day in court, too,” Bill returned. “However, your fate is a bit clearer; I have made the decision to cast you from the family. I remember the old ways, which dad taught me, and I believe there is no hope of you changing.”

“You cannot do that; he is my baby,” Molly whaled. Bill ignored her as he looked at his outraged brother. The Twins looked dumbfounded, Ginny had her mouth hung open, and even Arthur appeared a little surprised. “Arthur, do something!”

“No! William is the head of the house now, so even if I wanted to, I could not do anything,” Arthur replied firmly.

“I will be filing the paperwork with the relevant Departments today; you will have until the trial, then you will no longer be a Weasley. After that, your name will revert to Mother’s maiden name until you marry, then you can take your other halves name,” Bill explained.

“You-you cannot do that to me!” Ron sputtered, outraged.

“I can, and have, Ronald. But, after the meeting, I will ask you to leave the premises. I will arrange to have any items moved to wherever you stay.” Bill’s tone brooked no argument. Then he ignored his brother and turned to his mother. “Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that many of the potions Ron used were provided by you, mother.”

“That’s a downright lie,” Molly now stuttered, going white.

“We know how good you are potions, especially love potions, so it’s not unreasonable. As it is, I was told letters from you to Dumbledore clearly show you conspired with him to remove the Potter wealth from Harry.” Bill answered.

“Is it true? You provided the potions to Ron!” Arthur asked. Though he did not really doubt his soon-to-be ex-wife was capable.

“Of course, I did, you ingrate, we could have been rich like the Malfoy’s, but no, you like tinkering around with those stupid muggle toys. I only wanted to get that Mudblood bitch away from Harry so Ginny would be free to marry him.” Molly showed her true colours as she let fly at her husband.

“I am immediately dissolving your marriage and kicking you out; I want you the hell out of our home,” Bill stood up, glaring at his mother.

“I am not sure I could have taken much more playing the fawning housewife,” Molly replied. “Come on, Ginny, let’s go.”

“Don’t move an inch, Gin. I did not say you could take Ginny with you; only you and Ron will be leaving,” Bill told her.

“But but Ginny is my daughter. She should be with her mother,” Molly suddenly appeared upset.

“She has been influenced by your poison long enough, mother. Now I want the pair of you out before I call the wards to forcibly eject you,” William told her. The redhead woman somehow had her wand in her hand before anyone could blink, but they did not notice Bill also had his wand. “Do not do this, mother; I do not want to hurt you.”

“You will never amount to anything. Marrying a common creature. You will never be a worthy Lord,” She spat at him before stalking from the house with Ron in tow. Everyone looked at each other, astonished, before Bill approached Ginny.

“I am sorry for what you have been through with our mother. I never realised how deep her poison ran, but I do not honestly think you are in love with harry. You were a means to an end for her,” Bill hugged his little sister as they began to talk over what would happen next.


Easter break or the Spring Equinox has Harry had taken to call it had shot by with Harry having loads of fun with his family and friends. They had played quidditch, even attended a quidditch match. Sirius had even got an international Portkey, and they had gone to Tenerife for the weekend with a day spent at Siam Park, the world’s best waterpark.

Now though, he waited in the Black office waiting for the Wizengamot session and trial to begin. His thoughts were interrupted as a knock sounded on the door. Remus went to open it, showing Bill Weasley in black robes, lined with red. He had the Weasley crest over his breast. Bill took in Sirius sitting behind his desk, Remus and Narcissa, before spotting Harry and Hermione.

“May I come in and speak to you?” He asked, directing his attention to Sirius. Remus allowed the man in before closing the door firmly behind him.

“How can I help, Bill?” Sirius asked.

“I wanted to apologise again for the behaviour of my brother, especially towards your heir and his betrothed,” Bill spoke rather formally.

“Water under the bridge; we have discussed this before,” Sirius replied.

“Well, I wanted to let you know that Molly and Ronald have been expelled from House Weasley,” Bill returned. Sirius immediately sat up and stared at the younger man.

“What does that mean?” Hermione asked.

“It means that they have been stripped of the name Weasley. So, any family magic that Ron might have had will have been stripped by Lady Magic herself,” Remus explained.

“Both have reverted to the name Prewett, my mother’s maiden name,” Bill informed them.

“She wasn’t a Slytherin for nothing,” Narcissa muttered.

“I thought Molly Weasley was a Gryffindor,” Hermione spoke up.

“Oh no, she was a Slytherin, which was why everyone was surprised when she got with the consummate Gryffindor, Arthur,” Narcissa returned.

“He was the heir to the Weasley fortune, a prominent family back then,” Sirius said darkly, before shaking himself, “I am sorry, Bill, that was uncalled for.”

“I am come to much the same conclusions myself,” Bill returned. “But the real reason I have today is because I have dissolved the marriage contract between Ginny and Harry.”

“What?” Hermione and Harry both said at once.

“Mother signed under her married name, so Magic recognised I was the Head of House and could dissolve the contract,” Bill explained.

“That’s terrific news,” Harry exclaimed, hugging his future wife.

“How did Ginny take it?” Hermione asked, concerned for their former friend.

“Upset, but Ginny realised Mother had been manipulating her, her whole life. With the help of the Mind Healer, we will have her acting like a normal teen in no time,” Bill said with a smile.

“Thank you, Bill, we are certainly obliged to you. If you need anything, you may call on me, and I will try to help in any way possible,” Sirius told the man genuinely and shook his hand. He was about to speak again when a knock on the door stopped him.

“Your Grace, the Wizengamot is getting ready for its session,” an unknown voice told them.

“Once again, thank you.” Remus opened the door for the redhead as they followed him out. Sirius was the last out closing the door behind himself. Bill went one way down the corridor, followed by Sirius and Harry as Remus, Narcissa, and Hermione went the other way towards the Wizengamot chambers. As Harry walked through the Lord’s door, he could tell the chambers were busy. The galleries were filling up, the front half of one reserved and filled with the Press. The rest of the galleries were filled with spectators. He took note that Dumbledore had decided to keep his head down. Harry took his seat at the feet of his father, getting a nod from Old man Selwyn. Neville and Daphne were also at the feet of their guardian or parent.

A gavel banged down on the desk, quietening down everyone talking. Tiberius Ogden must have noticed all the Lords were in and settled.

“Good morning Lords and Ladies, Heads of Departments and the public, welcome to the first session of spring on this day Twenty-seventh of March Nineteen Ninety-six,” Tiberius Ogden, the chief Warlock told the packed room. Ogden was at the centre podium with Fudge to his left and Rufus Scrimgeour on his right in Madam Bones stead. Harry noticed Madam Bones was sat with Ted at the ‘Prosecution’ table. On the one side was the full Wizengamot, the four occupied chairs of the Ancient and Noble Houses with their Heirs sat at their feet.

Behind them were the remaining Ancient houses, which now included the very proud Bill Weasley. Behind them were the Noble families. The Order of Merlin members was next (without former Chief Warlock Dumbledore in his seat), then finally the heads of each major department. The rest of the room was made up of the public, with one section dedicated to the Press.

“I will remind you all this is a Wizengamot session. Only those of the Wizengamot or experts invited by Wizengamot members may speak. If the public galleries cannot control themselves, I will make this a closed session,” Ogden warned them sternly, “Now, Scribe, do you have any public announcements?”

“Only to say, the Muggle-born Act of 1995 has officially been ratified today so has come into law. The Muggle-born Registration Commission will be contacting the relevant parties over the upcoming weeks,” A new scribe read out the note he had been given.

“We will discuss the meaning of that later,” Sirius told him quietly, then settled back into the chair.

“Any other notifications?” Tiberius asked.

“No, Sir,”

“Good, then we shall move on to the Trial of Ronald Bilius Weasley,” Ogden announced.

“Excuse me, Chief Warlock,” a voice interrupted the older Warlock.

“Yes, you are?” the old man frowned at the interruption.

“Warren Burke, Sir, I am representing, ah Ronald for the trial,” the snake-oil salesman looked like a rat, Harry thought.

“Mr Burke, why did you interrupt me?” the Chief Warlock asked.

“Ronald is no longer called Weasley. He was disinherited and is now called Prewett.” Burke explained, as slick as an oil spill.

“Ok, then. Let the trial of Ronald Bilius Prewett commence; bring in the prisoner.” Harry watched as Ronald swaggered in, an air of confidence surrounding him. He was wearing orange robes, but his hands were free until he settled in the criminal char. The chains rattled and secured him to the chair. His smile dropped slightly, but he looked around as though he knew he was getting off.

“Mr Scrimgeour, please would you read out the charges,” the Chief Warlock asked.

“Ronald Prewett is accused of Line Theft, administering Potions and Charms to a Muggle-born witch, the attempted sexual assault of the aforementioned witch. He is also charged with joining the terrorist organisation known as the Death Eaters,” as Scrimgeour read out the charges; a hush filled the room until there were gasps at the Death Eater charge.

“I must protest. I was not informed of the last charge,” Burke shouted.

“That was added this morning.”

“Then I ask for a continuance, so I may properly defend my client.”

“No, once the boy has pleaded, I will give two hours, then we shall resume the trial,” Ogden returned, annoyed at the man’s interruption.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Now on all the charges, how does he plead?”

“Not guilty, Sir- “Burke began to speak but was disrupted as Ron spoke up.

“I only joined the Death Eaters because Percy dragged me there,” the redhead tried to appear sullen, but Harry knew it was all an act. 

“Shut up,” Burke told his client.

“Avada Kedavra,” A voice emerged from the gallery as a green light shot across the Wizengamot.

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