Current Characters

Alexander Walker (Alex)- aged 15 Mackenzie Callaghan (Mac) – Aged 15 Laurence Knight (Larry)- Aged 14 Tom Johnson- Aged 14 Noah Greyson- Aged 14 Kelly Parker- Aged 14 Nathan Williams (Nate)- Aged 13 Simon Winters- Aged 13 Sarah Walker- aged 12 Izzy Carver- Aged 12 Talia Decker (Tali)- Aged 11 Amanda Harper- Aged 11 Tobias […]

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Profile:Mackenzie Callaghan

Mackenzie Callaghan Junior Ambassador Program Welcome to the Junior Ambassador Program, this is a British-based initiative that helps people around the world and with our junior volunteers we have changed the lives of many across the globe. Here at the Junior Ambassador Program there is no sexuality, gender, religion or race, we are all one […]

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