Project New Dawn Character List


Site T- Fort Walker

Alexander Walker (Alex)- aged 15

Mackenzie Callaghan (Mac) – Aged 15

Laurence Knight (Larry)- Aged 14

Tom Johnson- Aged 14

Noah Greyson- Aged 14

Kelly Parker- Aged 14

Nathan Williams (Nate)- Aged 13

Simon Winters- Aged 13

Sarah Walker- aged 12

Izzy Carver- Aged 12

Talia Decker (Tali)- Aged 11

Amanda Harper- Aged 11

Tobias Callaghan (Tobi) Aged 11

Matty Walker- Aged 10

Luca Winters- Aged 10

Ben Knight-Aged 9

George Knight – Aged 8

Ali Decker- Aged 7

Tom Philips- Aged 7

Kelly Philips- Aged 7


Cheyenne Mountain

Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Stokes- Communications

Kelvedon Hatch

Corporal Maria Strange- Communications

General Sir Richard Forsyth- Commanding Officer


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