Project New Dawn Character List

 Project OPGRowth- Alpha Team

15MAlexander WalkerAlexRecon 
15FMackenzie CallaghanMaxMedical
14MLaurence KnightLarryVeterinary
14MTom JohnsonBig TomEngineering
14MNoah Greyson Recon 
14FKelly Parker Teacher
13MNathan WilliamsNateSecurity
13MSimon Winters Hospitality
12FSarah Walker Research
12FIsabel CarverIzzyStores
11FTalia DeckerTaliTech Support
11FAmanda Harper Research
11MTobias CallaghanTobiTech Support
10MMatty Walker Stores
10MLuca Winters Hospitality
9MBen Knight Agriculture/Veterinary
8MGeorge Knight Gopher
7FAlison DeckerAliGopher
7MTom Philips Gopher
7FKelly Philips Gopher

Cheyenne Mountain

Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Stokes- Communications

Kelvedon Hatch

Corporal Maria Strange- Communications
General Sir Richard Forsyth- Commanding Officer

Survivor Group

33MAndre Stevens Pilot
27FAshley Stevens Childcare/Teaching
19FAlyssa Dawson Medical
16MBastion Roberts Recon 
15FRachel Walsh Recon 
14MJamie Walsh Tech Support
14MAdam Elkridge Recon 

Project OPGrowth- Beta Team

16FLisa Williams Hospitality
16MJake Goodman Engineering
16MJack Goodman Engineering
16MBinal Shah Tech Support 
16FNica Cruz Tech Support
16MCharlie Webster Tech Support
16FClover Blackgrove Recon 
16FEmma Simpson Security
15FHarué Saito Recon 
15MOscar Ramirez Medical
15MTom Graves Research
15MJerry Cooper Tech Support
15FJesse Grey Tech Support
15FLottie Morrison Agriculture/Veterinary
15MEkon Okafor Tech Support
15FTanya Forest Recon 
14FHelen Baker Admin
14MFinn Harris Security
14MMartin Davis Teaching
14FAnabelle English Security
14FMei Zhao Tech Support
14MTucker Westbridge Recon 
14FDanica Photopoulou Tech Support
14FGemma Thompson Security
14MMohammed Khatri Tech Support
14MAndrew Decker Tech Support
14FJing Nakumura Tech Support
14MKai Hill Tech Support
13MOli Burnson Tech support
13MAndy MorrisonNewtEngineering/Plumbing
13FLucia Flores Security
13FKenzie Richard Security
13FLupita Dupre Tech Support 
13MBenji Flynn Recon 
13FChantana Duangta Tech Support
13FEvelyn Walker Tech Support
13MAlessandro Russo Tech Support
13MEli Wolfe Recon 
12MEthan Rogers Recon 
12FJade Huang Tech Support
12FAliyar Najjar Tech Support
12FLisa Armstrong Hospitality
12MSasha Merekov Tech Support
12MGeorgie Turner Tech Support
11FRiley Burke Admin
11MMatt Greaves Admin
11FZofia KaminskiZofEngineering
11MCameron Richards Hospitality
11MMax Cauldwell Research
11FSally Thomas Agriculture/Veterinary

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