Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Three

“Just one moment,” I heard Tobi say, then his head popped up from under the desk. A flickering appeared above the desk, and a model of Ravensville appeared, looking remarkably stable. Returning to the Mountain, I had called a meeting. Now we were in the conference room looking at a lifelike model of Ravensville.

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Project New Horizon Chapter Twenty One

“Hello, Alex, you said you wanted to speak to me,” Larry’s voice broke me from my reverie. Realising I had been sat at my desk, staring at the folder for the last ten minutes, I shook myself off.
“Take a load off,” I told him, gesturing towards the chairs in front of the TV. As he settled in, I closed the door, which automatically sealed the room, “Do you want anything? Coke, Lemonade, water?”
“I’ll take a water,” he grinned as I reached under my desk for the mini-fridge pulling out a water and a Sprite. I chucked it at him, which he caught easily.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty

Eli led me back out of the garden we were in onto the street; no one had noticed the guard yet, but there seemed to be a lot of noise coming from the direction of the bonfires. I would love to have saved the three on the crosses, but I don’t think we could have made it up to the main drag without notice.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Sixteen

“Welcome to Fort Walker, new friends. Hopefully, you can be safe and happy here. Hopefully, you’ll contribute, and all our lives will be made easier,” so sue me, I’m not exactly the best person at giving speeches. I looked around at the room and the newcomers, who all looked fresher than when we met raising my glass of Coca Cola. Everyone shouted ‘hear, hear’ as we sat down to eat the delicious meal Simon had provided. Once we were halfway through, I sat back looking around my table; Mac, Matty and Tobi were there as usual, but I had invited Rachel and Andre to sit with us.

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