“Quidditch is a game of fourteen players, seven on each side,” Harry explained as he tossed a quaffle between each hand. They were stood on the Quidditch pitch with Harry’s Firebolt by their feet, and a Shooting Star Harry had borrowed from the Broomstick shed. “On one side, you have a Keeper, a bit like a goalie in football, two beaters that keep the Bludger’s away from other players. Three chasers who keep the Quaffle between themselves, then you have the Seeker.”

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A few days after Selwyn’s visit, Harry found himself at Hogwarts hidden under the invisibility cloak standing next to Remus. Professor McGonagall and Snape were in the hall. Behind Remus were a team of goblin’s, who looked distinctly bored.

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“What?” Draco and Sirius cried at the same, both looking at the stately woman in shock. Harry did not think he had seen Draco looking so animated as he did right now.
“You cannot be serious, mother; we don’t need sanctuary anywhere,” Draco told his mother.

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