Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty-Four

Three days after the fight, I was sat in my office going over a bit of paperwork when there was a knock at my door.
“Come in,” I shouted, looking to see who entered. The door opened to reveal Noah was poking his head through the door. He entered almost timidly with a folder in his hand.
“You available?” He asked, reverting back to how he used to be when we first came into the Mountain.
“Actually, yes, come on in,” I told him, stretching my limbs. I made my way over to the comfortable sofas and offered him a seat, “So you lost the bet?”

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Project New Dawn Chapter Seventeen

“Proximity alert,” Daisy’s smooth voice announced, jerking me from my reverie. I looked up at the large screen to see Daisy zooming in on the convoy approaching.
“Alex, I see the convoy a few miles out,” Luca’s voice came over the radio. He was currently in the Tower on the watch.

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