“Good Morning Lords and Ladies, Heads of Departments and the public, welcome to the last Wizengamot session of the summer season. After this, we shall have a three-week recess before the winter season begins,” Tiberius Ogden, Chief Warlock, laid out for the packed chambers. Courtroom ten, usually known as the Wizengamot chambers, was full. However, Ogden was at the centre with Fudge to his left and Madam Bones as Head of the DMLE on his right. The room had been reconfigured, so they sat in the centre of the room with the scribe next to them, making notes. On the one side was the full Wizengamot, the four occupied chairs of the Ancient and Noble Houses with their Heirs sat at their feet.

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“Master Black will want to be rid of the Darkness Master Regulus stole from the Dark Lord then.” With another POP, Kreacher disappeared, reappearing a moment later, holding a golden Locket with an emerald S on the front. Dark whispers caressed Harry’s ears as he swayed on the spot.

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Sounds greeted Harry as he stepped out of the Floo into a dark and dingy room. The curtains were moth-eaten, and the sofas looked like they had seen better days. A thick layer of dust hung over the mirror, but what surprised Harry the most were the portraits. He could barely see who was in them.

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A few days after Selwyn’s visit, Harry found himself at Hogwarts hidden under the invisibility cloak standing next to Remus. Professor McGonagall and Snape were in the hall. Behind Remus were a team of goblin’s, who looked distinctly bored.

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Sirius Black stared at the letter in his hand, he had returned from seeing his godson late last night. The boy had been shell-shocked at what he had witnessed, and he was right to be, Voldemort returning was devastating.

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England had seen some of it’s hottest weather on record at the end of June and beginning of July. In Little Whinging, where the gardens were usually pristine, now they looked yellowed and dry. Cars were dusty from the hosepipe ban, and houses had all the windows flung open to catch any chance of a breeze. Shops had sold out of fans, everyone was desperate for a bit of cold air. Harry Potter had found a bit of coolness on the dry earth beneath the living room window, he had been home a week from Hogwart’s Witchcraft and Wizardry. After Lord Voldemort’s resurrection and Cedric Diggory’s death, Harry had been waiting to hear the news every night.

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Harry Potter and The Blacks’ Family Legacy CH 1

Murmurs moved around the room as groups of people chattered as to why they had been called to a full Wizengamot meeting on a Saturday. Cyrus Greengrass, Duke of Caernarfonshire, turned around to look at those behind him; the twelve members of the Ancient houses, and beyond them were the ten remaining members of the Noble houses. Though not all the seats from Houses were filled, he noted some who should be there who were not such as the Weasley lord. Twenty seats beyond them occupied by the Order of Merlin members, although more than a few remained vacant. Finally on the highest row were the Heads of the Ministry Departments.

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Harry Potter and The Blacks’ Family Legacy Harry Potter disappears the summer after fourth years, but returns on the Sept 1st a changed youth, he’s more mature. Making new friends and new enemies, Harry must face betrothal contracts, and Ancient Houses all while navigating politics and still dealing with the threat of Voldemort.

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