Project New Dawn Chapter Seventeen

“Proximity alert,” Daisy’s smooth voice announced, jerking me from my reverie. I looked up at the large screen to see Daisy zooming in on the convoy approaching.
“Alex, I see the convoy a few miles out,” Luca’s voice came over the radio. He was currently in the Tower on the watch.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Sixteen

“Welcome to Fort Walker, new friends. Hopefully, you can be safe and happy here. Hopefully, you’ll contribute, and all our lives will be made easier,” so sue me, I’m not exactly the best person at giving speeches. I looked around at the room and the newcomers, who all looked fresher than when we met raising my glass of Coca Cola. Everyone shouted ‘hear, hear’ as we sat down to eat the delicious meal Simon had provided. Once we were halfway through, I sat back looking around my table; Mac, Matty and Tobi were there as usual, but I had invited Rachel and Andre to sit with us.

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