Project New Horizon Chapter Twenty One

“Hello, Alex, you said you wanted to speak to me,” Larry’s voice broke me from my reverie. Realising I had been sat at my desk, staring at the folder for the last ten minutes, I shook myself off.
“Take a load off,” I told him, gesturing towards the chairs in front of the TV. As he settled in, I closed the door, which automatically sealed the room, “Do you want anything? Coke, Lemonade, water?”
“I’ll take a water,” he grinned as I reached under my desk for the mini-fridge pulling out a water and a Sprite. I chucked it at him, which he caught easily.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Twenty

Eli led me back out of the garden we were in onto the street; no one had noticed the guard yet, but there seemed to be a lot of noise coming from the direction of the bonfires. I would love to have saved the three on the crosses, but I don’t think we could have made it up to the main drag without notice.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Eighteen

May melted into June as the weather got warmer. We had now been in the Mountain just under four weeks with the new group, though I had yet to allow anyone to go out. The recon teams had been training well, but some were chomping at the bit to get out, namely Bastion. All the rest of the groups were settling in nicely with no complaints so far. The heads of the departments met each week to review everything and see how people were getting on. After studying some paperwork, I rubbed my eyes and decided enough was enough. I locked the papers away, leaving my office and wandering around to Nate’s office. I knocked on the closed door.

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Project New Dawn Chapter Thirteen

“Mac, Tom, Larry, I need you to come up the stairs please,” I cried out desperately, not sure what to do. I didn’t want to move him in case he had hurt his back. I heard footsteps on the stairs, and the three ran up. I stared at his body, he’s going to die, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I watched dazedly as Mac put her emotions aside and began to check over the boy.

“Tom, I need you to go down to Level three, in the supply closet there is a board, go get it now,”

“Is he going to be alright?” Larry asked as Tom ran off.

“I don’t know,” she looked up at him then focused on me, “Alex, snap out of it,”

But I couldn’t help stare at Nathan, I felt utterly useless. Pain and warmth erupted across my cheek, waking me up, making me look up to find Larry standing above me.

“Get your shit together and be a man, god knows you’re a fairy, but your our leader now and you can’t shut down,” he gave me a backhanded compliment as I shook my head focusing my mind.

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